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Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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I’ve heard mixed reviews of the value of games in rewiring the brain. One of the top people said that doing games makes you better at doing games. In fact, the way to get the whole brain involved, or a lot of it, is actually to socialize. As in, hang out with other people. And don’t just sit lost in thought but actually get involved with the conversation, ask questions, and so on.

Yeah, I know. Sudoku is easier.

But the concept of neuro-plasticity is well documented. You mentioned the Brain That Changes Itself, which I have read. I’d also recommend My Stroke of Insight by neuro-scientist Jill Bolte Taylor. Ava was riveted and I absorbed the book as she  would read aloud one section after another.

The brain is somewhat set, and who you are is partly due to genetics. But the brain is remarkable at rewiring itself after severe damage. Creating new neural pathways, all the way through your life. Which makes sense. Otherwise how would a senior citizen remember anything they have done today?

And even things like IQ are remarkably changeable. One of the scariest statistics that lead us to make our video on Marijuana and ADHD is from a 25 year follow up study on some 13 year olds who smoked a lot of weed. A quarter of a century later the follow up study found that at age 38 they had lost on average, 8 IQ points. Man, what would you pay to have 8 extra IQ points?

Or for the people you work with to have 8 extra? Okay, now I’m getting off topic.