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Patte Rosebank
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Good question, @Profph!

The short answer is: “Customize”.

Remember, the ADHD brain is driven by interest not importance, so each ADDer will need a personal set of strategies that play to his/her own personal interests. You and your student will have to work *together* to figure out what works best for him.

An ADHD Coach can really help with this.

There are some listed in the Coach Directory (http://totallyadd.com/coaching-directory-search/), and most offer coaching by Skype, wherever you are. If price is an issue, there are Student Coaches-in-Training, who may offer discounted or pro-bono sessions.

You may also find it helpful to contact the Student Services departments of colleges. They’ll have experience with ADHD in adult students, and can offer some suggestions on how to approach this. Just remember, you’ll still need to “customize” these suggestions, in partnership with your student.


If your student can’t complete assignments or be “mentally present” in class, it sounds like maybe these things aren’t interesting enough *to him* to engage & activate his brain.

If that’s the case, then his impulsive talking might be his way of trying to activate his brain (even though he may not be aware that this is what he’s doing).

Or, he might be a verbal processor, who has to talk his way through something in order to learn it.

Or, maybe it’s a bit of both.

(These are just my rough guesses, of course…)