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This is an interesting topic!  I switch between talking too much, being shy and not wanting to risk talking because I tend to bore people, and then also having a tendency to tell people I don’t know very well too much about myself, which is perhaps part of the impulsivity/verbal diarrhea problem?  When I’ve read about the symptom of saying inappropriate things, well, a time or two I’ve maybe phrased things in a way that caused offense and so have learned to edit/withhold my thoughts, but then I realized that revealing too much personal info too soon might also be part of that.

I envy the creative types like the comedians who can tell jokes and stories to get people to laugh, because that is a skill I don’t have!  I find myself boring people because I either try to fit in too many details that really aren’t important in a conversation, or I can’t remember names, details, places etc. so can’t tell a good story!  It’s always “if I could remember the name of that author/movie/book and if I could remember what it was actually about, I’d tell you – it was really good but.. never mind!

So frustrating!