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For me, although I don’t really like to admit it, I can be a bit gullible. I guess that’s everyone in one way or another, but especially those with an issue or need that hasn’t been met. I do not know Mark Patey or really anyone in the self-help industry (at least directly). Maybe he’s a good guy, maybe there’s something good to dig out of his message…or maybe not. People in the motivation and self-help industry can be very persuasive. Their message makes sense on some level, however usually something inside me on a gut level causes the alarms to go off.

I think it’s important to approach anything with some healthy skepticism. I believe that our guts are right on (or what sdwa calls a “icky” feeling) in many cases or maybe all cases on some level.

“Be open-minded just not so much that your brains fall out.”

I wasn’t even looking for this but I ran across it while visiting a site and thought it was exactly on subject. It’s an extreme example, but it shows how things can head south pretty quickly when you put an excessive amount of trust in a guru.

JUST IN CASE, I’m not directly comparing Mark Patey or others in the self-help industry with the video below. This guy is in a league of his own.

Sorry…It’s a bit depressing, and a bit melodramatic. Enjoy 🙂 !