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You hit the nail on the head. Being told that I’m wrong and they’re right. Comes across like bullying, and I can’t condone that. A huge busybody contingent of the population thinks it’s okay.  There is an entire philosophy, lifestyle, and culture built around that attitude. Which involves other people trying to force their values on the rest of us. I will never have anything in common with those people.

I don’t mind differences of opinion. But a clash of values manifesting as judgment and/or coercion never sits well with me. If I’m a good mood, I’m better at listening to control freaks. Even a control freak can be right about some things.

I’d prefer to avoid people who can’t help but broadcast their judgmental attitudes indirectly, through their demonstrated assumptions. You know the kind of person who thinks if you were less emotionally screwed up, you’d also change your political opinions, wardrobe, hair, and your profession? I hate how it feels to be around that kind of energy.

I’ve had some mutually respectful relationships with people I have nothing in common with socially, culturally, religiously, politically, financially, intellectually, or in any other way. But they treated me with respect. They listened. If they thought I was wrong, they did a good job of concealing it, or didn’t feel the need to make it personal.

“Feel good” stuff can be okay, but can also carry a hidden guilt-trip, as in the New Age (aka “newage”) thinking that says you control the universe with your thoughts, therefore if you were just thinking the right thoughts the universe would be better, so if things are bad, it’s your fault because of your bad vibes. If you were a better person, you would have been able to cure yourself of cancer. The cancer you caused by not being happy enough. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Heard it all.  That’s why I start retching whenever anyone mentions meditation or mindfulness or visualization. But that’s just my experience.

Anyway, I am  now completely off-topic. So…never mind.

If there’s a point, it’s to trust your gut reactions. If someone feels icky, they’re icky for you. Never mind what anyone else thinks.