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19 year old girl and finally everything makes sense

19 year old girl and finally everything makes sense2015-05-31T13:04:02+00:00

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    The first time I saw a counselor for my emotional/anxiety problems was in 3rd grade…I would see therapists on and off throughout middle school and high school and would never follow through with treatment. I never wanted to admit to myself or anybody that I needed help or that I was anything but “normal”. I was always a frazzle-brained mess, disorganized, and losing everything whether it was school work, my phone, keys, etc. I was very impulsive with my words and actions especially if any emotions were involved. I always wondered what was wrong with me. I finally decided to start seeing a counselor (on my own, nobody forcing me) during my sophomore year of college after experiencing failure in not only my classes but also in having the confidence to put myself out there and build new relationships. I always thought ADD/ADHD meant not being able to concentrate or sit still. I didn’t think there were also all these symptoms that I’ve been struggling with my entire life. My counselor has helped me immensely with understanding and embracing who I am rather than constantly questioning myself and bringing myself down. I started taking Concerta 18 mg very recently and am already feeling the positive changes. My mind feels so clear and I feel less irritable, DEFINITELY less impulsive, and I actually feel like I have the mental energy to connect with people. I feel myself coming out of my shell and being more open already. I hope this success continues but I also know that medication isn’t going to solve all my problems. Progress is an all-encompassing spiritual, mental, and emotional journey, and I want to use my medication as a tool to cope and be productive. I hope anybody reading this who thinks they don’t want to be “weird” or “crazy” or “different” by getting help and medication swallows their pride and decides to change their life for the better, and not to please anybody else or society. Thanks for reading 🙂


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    I am so happy for you!

    This could almost have been written by me ( a long time ago – when adhd did not exist, and what we call adhd was considered to really only present in boys, and to be outgrown by the age of 18).

    You are so fortunate that we are have become more aware of adhd in all of its manifestations, and have workable strategies (including medication) to help achieve success.

    The Adhd community is fortunate to have people like you!  🙂



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    I second that motion! Very well put. I feel more accepting of myself the more I read letters like yours -full of wisdom. Thanks for sharing.

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