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A Human Lifetime is only 1000 Months~do not waste it >;-}>

A Human Lifetime is only 1000 Months~do not waste it >;-}>2013-06-20T16:07:42+00:00

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    Hi !!

    I am `TheEvilNeo` aka Jus Seidel,

    So…..you lot are nutters too eh? lol

    Well, I am damned Happy to meet y`all .

    I have ADHD, I`m a young 43, maybe cos I never had kids I have remained a little `peter pan`. lol

    I am damned sure that if I don`t say something to catch your attention you will slip out of hyper drive and drift off into space, hence the Title.

    To explain the 1000 months thing~

    I think… A LOT, as I`m sure y`all do and one day as a thirteen year old trying to get my head around how much longer i was going to live..

    I figured 80 was fair and having subtracted 13 from that I was just left with an unemotional number of 67….. 67?… lemons, marbles?… didn`t sorta FEEL it..you know??

    So… I thought ok, I wonder how many weeks that is, surely a couple of Squadrillionbillioncajillion weeks would sound impressive enough to kinda smack me upside tha head and I could Glimpse my `Lifetime`….

    Now I dunno about you`s but I am great with words but have a …… dislike of numbers

    {same way I like red sweets and not green ones lol}

    So, before I lose the story… erm, oh yeah…SO, I multiplied 80 by 52 and guess what?????????

    It`s only 4200 WEEKS…

    I was kinda dumbfounded at first but over the years since, I have come to realise that I VALUE my time more than those who sign up for years n years of debt and servitude convinced they have got forever..

    Fwiw, I am not religious, so as regards to an `afterlife` I can only surmise that it`ll be like it was BEFORE I was born… Either way it`s the same as `Nothingness` from the perspective of This lifetime..

    So… I take it I have still got your attention and hopefully the dog licking his balls didn`t distract you away lol

    I am actually HAPPY I have ADHD.. I don`t think I personally ever saw it as a curse and I kinda hate that the old label of Attention DEFICIT is used cos I feel I have TOO much attention..calling you deficit is to say LACKING and I could swipe the scalp off a `Muggle` when I say things that go over his head at double pace and on HYPER drive… bloody cheek

    Anyway, I am actually Not hear to moan and complain and look for a textual Hug..no, I am Burnin mental Nitrous and I am just Sharing…

    I got tons of other Wisdoms to share so if anyone actually related with what I`ve said and posts back then I`ll waffle on some more!!



    TheEvilNeo >;-}>


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    Hello TheEvilNeo – wow – if that’s not a motivation not to procrastinate then I don’t know what is. I reckon all being well I only have about 348 months left. Yikes! Better start living quick.  Problem is the last 120 months might not be good quality ones if they exist at all ……..how depressing!

    I suppose this is where mindfulness comes in. Learn to enjoy every moment we have and stop rushing about. Learn to feel the wind on your face, hear the sounds of nature,  be alive to the moment.


    Patte Rosebank
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    @TheEvilNeo, welcome!

    Nuts do attract squirrels, and “Squirrel!” is the universal ADHD call to attention, so I suppose “nutter” sort of makes sense.  Though some might take offence…and a gate and a small potting-shed, since we ADDers don’t do things by halves.

    The more I learn about ADHD, the more I think it should rightly be called “Interest-Driven Brain” (IDB), since that’s what it is.  While most people’s brains are driven by what’s important, ours are driven by what’s interesting.  Sort of like the way that most people are right-handed, while a few are left-handed.  Though I have been told that “IDB” could easily be confused with “IBD”, which is something entirely different.

    I detect a bit of an accent in your post.  Are you perhaps in the UK?

    I just had my first lesson with a character-voice coach, here in Toronto, and when we discussed dialects, I gave her a crash-course on the subtleties of British dialects.  Particularly the different terms for underpants.  She was quite amazed to learn that, in the UK, “pants” does NOT mean “trousers”.  And then, I told her that, in the UK, a “windbreaker” is NOT a jacket.  She giggled just like one of her cartoon characters!

    You may be right about the “Peter Pan” effect of not having children.  At least, it’s certainly been that way for me.  Then again, I know there are other factors involved. Comedy is a way to stay immature forever.  And being plumptious makes you look younger than you are, because you don’t get wrinkles in a balloon unless you deflate it.

    And then, there’s that “30% effect”.  ADDers often have a socio-emotional age that’s around 30% younger than our physical age.  That can cause a lot of problems, because we may *actually* be 40 years old, but we are functioning like a 28-year-old, AND we have the working memory of an 8-year-old.  But the “30% effect” also gives us a childlike approach to the world, open to all sorts of ideas, and full of empathy and playfulness.  No wonder we’re known for being so creative!

    Like you, I think of ADHD as a real advantage…most of the time.  There are many times when it’s a royal pain in the arse, but not nearly as many times as it was BEFORE I knew I had it and started learning how to work with it!


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    I like “nutter”. I generally refer to myself as “neurodeviant”, but we share that description with a lot of other groups.
    Makes me remember that song “I’m an acorn small and round, lying on the cold cold ground…”


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    Thanks Guys n Ladies, so nice y`all took the time to write nice long posts, I`m loving what you guys have written..

    First off, the `nutter` thing, I`m reclaiming that word like Black People reclaimed the `n` word..lol

    I DO hope you guys across the pond aren`t caught up in the political corectness extremism.. lol

    I am impressed with the comment “Interest-Driven Brain” (IDB) THAT is more like it!!

    Is it an ADD trait to have to use EXACT definitions, words and meanings?

    As for writing in a foreign accent then WELL BLOODY DONE!!… English! lol

    I find the you guys have sooooooooo much more support and understanding of our `Blessing` that us Brits do..

    Having said that I was licky cos I was born 1970 and was diagnosed at 5 or 6 and was put in a classroom of 8 pupils and TWO teachers and had a reward syatem for good work… VERY unusual to have that kind of thing in the 70`s here!

    I never had meds though just between you and me I do add a tiny pinch of something herbal in my 10 or so ciggarettes a day and I function much better… I only `let off the brakes` when I am busy but having said that my Hyperfocus is sharpened if I have a `ciggarette`..

    Shame those who make the decisions are neither sufferers of ADD or smokers and Frankly I think it BLOODY Hypocritical to demonise herbs when 90% off admissions to Accident and Emergency are DRINKERS!!

    Anyway, I don`t have to tell some of you guys!

    That 30% age thing is very interesting as I certainly do have a much younger outlook than most, I am 43 but if asked spontaneously I often say I am 34!!!

    But then I mostly look at it that I have 500 months left so it`s just perspective really!

    Since you guys seem interested in what I have said so far I will share another of my wisdoms…..

    I figure a True Wisdom Must be applicable to ALL Humans and thus I have tried through my life to find the `ANSWER` to True Happiness, especially as a loner without family contact, no kids and an inability to find `Proper` friends…


    I figure there are just 3 Main Ingredients to True Happiness…

    1> Peace of Mind..

    2> Contentment..

    3> Love..

    So, number one is peace of mind which I feel is `not worrying` about things.

    Contentment is `being Happy` with what you HAVE.

    Love comes in MANY forms…. love of your Mum, your pet, your mates, your Car, your partner.

    Too many of us buy shit to make us feel happy but the novelty wears off a bloody sight quicker than the work it took to earn the thing in the first place!

    I am not religious but I have a kind of `creed`, well, many but the thing I MOST aspire to is a Verse called the Desiderata… GOOGLE IT!!

    So I`ll leave it there for now to allow comments else I`ll just keep on going!!

    Hope you all are well and life`s not giving you too hard a time.

    In the last 36 months this month I had a motorcycle accident on a 600 cc Kwak Ninja { June 2010}, I now have metal in both legs and a bit of calf muscle on my ankle, THEN that caused me to lose my job and home etc so I became homeless and walked from London to Brighton {Feb 2011}to start fresh {80 miles..8 months after legs screwed back on!}


    Got back to work 6 months early after accident {Nov 2011}…by Feb 2012 I was in a night club alone just marking the occasion of being back where I was before the accident when around 3am some dick smashed my face in with 3 blows from behind for no apparent reason!!

    I now have 22 screws and 3 plates in my cheek and eye socket and my eye is now held up with a metal mesh!!

    Luckily I look ok cos they did surgery under my cheek but I have diplopia when I look up or down so I have lost my career now too!!


    3 weeks after that in March 2012 so DICK HEAD opened a car door immediately in front of my bicycle {and I dont have to tell you how fast I ride!}

    Broke my sternum and 2 ribs on the edge of the door and got whiplash on top of the 7 months long concussion from the attack!!

    Is it just me or does ADD come with some bullshit bad luck?

    Anyway, Thank You for `listening`, PAYPAL accepted! lololol

    I also feel in Love with a married woman who is married to a Rich Guy during that time so I had a broken Heart too!!

    Goddamn, How do I still Keep getting up?

    Oh Yeah, I have ADHD.. I AM the Terminator!! {with a bit of Iron Man thrown in}

    I aint gonna moan though.. I now know myself Very well and knowing ones strengths as well as weaknesses is good.. probably the only logical reason for being alive in the first place!!

    Be safe peeps and watch out for Congress!!



    TheEvilNeo >;-}>


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    Damn, I Always do this..I post and then think of something else…

    About the diffence in meanings..

    Pants there is trousers and here is your underwear..

    But a really good one is the word Fanny…. {a Bum there but something else altogether here!!}

    Then again a Bum there is a homeless guy whereas here a Bum is your Ass..

    Try asking an Englishman if you can Bum a ciggarette and I promise he will wet himself laughing and fall on his …erm… Fanny!

    And at the risk of offending some, it`s a bit like congress there calling a pressure cooker full of bangers a `Weapon of MASS destruction` but in Afghanistan they couldn`t find a single one!!!!


    Never mind, the British government looking for a way to increase revenue too so don`t be offended my Brothers and Sisters!!

    Peace x

    TheEvilNeo >;-}>




    Patte Rosebank
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    @TheEvilNeo, “cobblers” is another word that has a different meaning there than it does here.  Here, it just means, “more than one shoemaker”, and people wonder why I smile every time I hear it.

    And then there are all the interesting things to be learnt from “Round the Horne”…

    There’s a group in the States, which performs old-time radio scripts, in front of a live audience, and they’re going to be doing one from “Round the Horne”, soon. They’re promoting it as an evening of innocent fun, for all the family.  If they only knew!  If I were performing it with them, they bloody would!

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