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Are we really what we eat? ~-Or-~ What to do when your neighbors ass falls off.

Are we really what we eat? ~-Or-~ What to do when your neighbors ass falls off.2013-03-07T15:43:56+00:00

The Forums Forums Emotional Journey Is It Just Me? Are we really what we eat? ~-Or-~ What to do when your neighbors ass falls off.

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    Do you think we really are what we eat? If this is the case then what the heck have we been eating!? crap you guys. Maybe some of us should be changing what we eat, maybe… Huh?

    Coffee, pills, think about having a smoke… Nope. makes me smell like stinking nasty cigarette butts. I’ll get too self conscious. (Like I need something to make me feel self conscious) I did drink plenty of water. But that’s because I ate too many fries last night at the Bible study. Too much salt on the fries actually. It’s also true that I haven’t been eating as well lately. So, I’m looking a lil bit skinny in the mirror I went straight to this morning as soon as a dragged my sarry butt outa bed.
    I did not look good. Nope.

    I think it’s not so much what we eat. But what we believe we ate. I’m thinking about the placebo effect. It’s not about learning. So much, as it is about taking a lesson from the information we gather. Mixing that info with all of our previous information. And drawing a conclusion as to what we think, all this new information means. Yep, it’s based on what we believe.

    Isn’t everything we learn sortof managed by what we beleive?

    Then if we believe that some strange kind of oil, like – Coconut Oil, (or snake oil) you decide. Can help us with our thinking, then it’s likely that we’ll be surprised by the fact that it does indeed help us to think more clearly. Even give us extra energy because our faith made it possible.

    What’s the difference between faith and the placebo effect?


    If your neighbors butt is falling off. Maybe you should help your neighbor find a new way to sit. There are many ways to sit…


    I thought I was done. But when are any of us ever done? lol. Yep! you guessed it. When we’re dead.

    That’s when we’re done. No retirement. No dang breaks. No finish line. (we just die) and No “collect 200 dollars and return to the starting line, only to pass it” (unless you believe the Hindu’s)

    There’s a book on my mental list of books to get. I’m writing the Title on the side of one of my Bibles. It’s by Jim Morrison. “None get out alive” Anyone read it? It’s about our life here isn’t it? Someday, if I ever get done, or decide to take a break from reading the Bible. I might get that book too. Thre are books in every room in my home. Almost.

    I gave us two topics cuz I’m talking about balance. When I took a break from writing this. I rolled halfway around my block. That’s because I would like the image in the mirror I see in the morning to be balanced. If I roll around the block all the way around. The side of my shoulders that is closer to the street ends up getting too much exercise. The side on my right, it just keeps looking smaller. It’s not really smaller. It’s just that when I look at me straight on. One side makes the other side look smaller, or larger. It depends on if you’re a pessimist or if you’re a saddistic fraking fool!. Oops. Mean’t to say “or if you’re an optomist. I forgot.  Almost. 

    This is a case where you might want to read a little bit in between the lines. Go ahead.
    I’ve got all day.


    PS, Ciggarettes are a nasty habit. But I’m not here to moralize about anyone elses habits. They (we, actually) are already giving themselves a hard enough time about it… huh?

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