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Desk bike for fidget control?

Desk bike for fidget control?2017-11-15T07:30:15+00:00

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    I’m a 24-year-old overweight trans dude who just finished a 2 and a half year battle to finally get my diagnosis of ADHD. The state’s “expert” refused to see me because I’m transgender even though both I and my GP argued with the secretary that I’m not there to see them about that at all. *grumble*

    It’s confirmed a lot of things I already knew about myself, and while logically I know exercise is one of the best therapies next to medication for impulsiveness and fidgeting trying to get myself to do it emotionally is hell on earth.
    Why? Because:
    1. I was born in Australia and yet can’t stand the heat or sweating. Logic.
    2. Was bullied as a kid around sport and now can’t stand the thought of people seeing me exercise
    3. Have joints that love to dislocate so impact sport is out of the question, and finally
    4. Good ol’ plain laziness.

    Exercise is good for my mild cerebral palsy and ligament laxity as well, so I have an elliptical machine set up in the lounge room of my share house which I have to use if I’m going to passively watch anything (Stranger things, anyone?) My weight loss is slow but steady so I’m relatively happy with this set up when it’s not 35*c/95*F indoors and I’m not stuck to my bed with sweat 😛

    ….. I’m rambling, aren’t I? F***.

    ANYWAY unless playing a video game which requires my active and full attention as well as physical and mental stimulation, I find it VERY difficult if not impossible to just sit down and do something at a desk. Fidget toys aren’t enough. And it’s not even things I don’t want to do like make phone calls or write an email, even things I want to do (again, Stranger things) are put off because the amount of energy and effort it takes is exhausting.

    I move too much on my elliptical to get any real work done there, but then someone brought up those little under-desk cycle machines.
    Do I think they’ll contribute massively to weight loss? Probably not.
    However I *am* hoping it’ll work like a fidget toy on steroids.
    Anyone else ever had experience with one of these things?


    That Guy with ADHD
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    While I don’t have experience with the desk bike I am familiar with the lack of energy. I’m seeing a specialist for my problem and was diagnosed with Hypersomnia, a little understood disorder. My doctor told me that 1/3 of his patients have ADHD so it seems to be one of those comorbid disorders.

    If you try the bike idea let us know how it worked. It sounds good to me. I seem to focus better when I’m on my elliptical so why not a bike?

    Best regards

    That Guy With ADHD

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)