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Does anyone else feel cold after taking methylphenidate/Ritalin?

Does anyone else feel cold after taking methylphenidate/Ritalin?2012-02-19T17:09:07+00:00

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    I have noticed that I often feel cold when others are clearly warm. This doesn’t happen all the time and I have always been prone to cold hands in the winter. But I seem to suffer more than ever and it’s often about an hour after I have taken my Ritalin. It’s not just imagination because several people have made remarks about my hands being cold – one was from a woman who was just handing me back some change after I bought something and she looked quite shocked at how cold I felt.

    Is this a coincidence or does the same thing happen to any of you guys who are on methylphenidate-based meds?

    I have only taken it during the winter months – guess it will be interesting to see what happens in the summer!

    Ritalin lowers my pulse rate a little and only slightly raises my blood pressure – neither particularly significant.



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    I have been told many times that I have cold hands. I can wear thermal gloves and still feel the winter through them, so Im not sure if its just me being super sensitive to climate, or perhaps a blood flow thing x

    Not sure that’s answered your question!


    Pete xx


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    Thanks for your answer Pete.

    Since posting I found out that one of the side effects of methylphenidate is cold extremeties! It would still be interesting to know if it’s common – or even if it is important.

    If it’s a circulation thing then should we be worried?

    I hope that no hippos accidentally walk over your fingers if you suffer from the cold – or indeed stand on your toes. Ouch.


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    I am new to this. Diagnosed late.. 36.
    Started IR ritalin 10mg this week.
    COLD AS ICE. Fingers. Toes. Ankles. Face.

    Whats the go ?
    My HR is steady sittin under 65.
    I normally have a resting HR of around 56-60 so thats not really changed.

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