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Doing CBT on myself- no therapist

Doing CBT on myself- no therapist2016-10-23T06:54:02+00:00

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    Found a book “The Gift of Adult ADD” by Lara Honos-Webb. The title kind of made me mad, so I started thumbing through it. The difference between how I think and the attitude expressed in the title is the whole point of the book. This “disability, deficit, defective, woe is me welcone to the pity party” way of thinking is a well worn grove in my brain and the book is about forming some new pathways and to stop travellibg on the old ones. Doing CBT in myself is certainly a lot more convenient than waiting for a therapist, if I can stick with it -I never finish anything woe is me- cut it out. Even If I only do 2 things out of 5 thats still a 40% improvement(quote from Rick’s film “Holistic Solutions to ADHD)- see what I did there? That’s actively changing your thinking with CBT


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    So Morrisfluffytail,

    How are things going?  Was your self CBT experiment a success?  Other than “The gift of adult ADD” were there any other resources you used and can recommend?


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