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Free online course + Q @ Hoarding?

Free online course + Q @ Hoarding?2018-01-30T01:10:03+00:00

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    I just wanted to share a free resource of education that I’ve been enjoying from Europe. I really like this one in particular because we spent half of week two exploring ADHD. Also discussed are commorbidities commonly associated with having ADHD and it’s not just for young people.
    Also just wondering if there are others with ADHD who have hoarding tendencies as well. I think it may be my way to ‘compensate’ on my losses, of control, of relationships, of my memories etc. Misguided yes, but I’m fighting this urge. P.S. What happened to the forum section? It looks totally unappealing. I hope it’s temporary. No profiles, no pictures, newsfeed, groups…gone. Sad.


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    Thanks wiredonjava,

    I will have to check it out. As for hording tendancies I would have to say yes ( or else I would be lying). My father was the same way too but I thought it was a learned behaviour having grown up in Europe during and after WWII. I’ve since come to the conclusion that he also had ADHD although mostly inattentive. I just can’t seem to let anything go and also have difficulty passing up a good free-bee whether I need it or not.



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