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Girlfriend is ADHD I'm possibly undiagnosed ADD

Girlfriend is ADHD I'm possibly undiagnosed ADD2015-11-16T00:36:13+00:00

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    So I started a relationship about a year ago with a wonderful woman. She was recently diagnosed ADHD and is prescribed adderall.  The first few months were great but I soon realized there were gonna be some issues she bace very short tempered after her doctor upped her dose of adderall to 40 mg a day. She also became very inattentive almost seemed to be to busy to show affection or even discuss the lack of attention. Upon my efforts to discuss the way I feel about the lack of attention she becomes very agitated as if I’m taking jabs at her, perhaps I approach the situation wrong. I just know that ignoring my feelings would ultimately end in me resenting her. Which brings me to now almost a year later and nothing’s changed I get pissed cause I get zero attention which enrages her to the point where she’s banging her head on walls, and saying she will just disappear so she can’t be hurt any more.  Am i asking too much for her to give me the attention is her adhd so much that it’s impossible for her to give?  I feel as if it is a one sided relationship where she’s happy as long as I keep my mouth shut about what bothers me.  If I try to leave I’m made to feel guilty and told that I never loved her to begin with, it’s my fault she’s banging her head on walls, everything is my fault. I love her like crazy and bend over backwards to show her just hoping I’ll get the same in return. What do I do?

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