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Having ADHD Co$T$ Money

Having ADHD Co$T$ Money2012-10-25T19:52:57+00:00
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    laughing out loud @fabulous, just read thru the older posts. Love the reverse GET CATFOOD!! tattoo. @marr: dunno if this fits the bill, but I just spent 1/2 hour looking for it after reading your post and vaguely remembering seeing it in an email some time ago. http://www.weekdate.com/ I was a little intrigued, but not enough to buy it…yet.

    and yes…I also put down all those fines and NSF charges because I forgot to check the bank balance to the cost of ADHD.
    Or…some people pay thousands of dollars to get away for one week’s vacation for relaxation. I pay thousands of dollars to relax by not worrying when I forget to keep track of every single little detail – and that’s 365 days a year, so I call it a bargain 😀 That’s kind of stretching the point though.


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    Thanks for the video clip dithl! Very unique calender. Surprisingly I found my missing one. It blended in with the cover on the bed where I put a whole bunch of stuff in a spare room. I lifted just the right amount of stuff and there it was laying right under my eyes. A good reason to have a cover that stands out. So happy I found it, but the other calendar really looks interesting.

Viewing 2 posts - 61 through 62 (of 62 total)