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    Every time I leave my on campus job to go class, I always forget something and have to rush back to grab it before my class. It’s become a bit of a joke among my coworkers but the other day I actually took someone else’s backpack instead of my own! I didn’t even realize it wasn’t mine until I got to class, opened it up to get my biology notebook, and there was someone else stuff. I even thought as I was on my way to class, “hm why is my backpack so heavy? I only have two notebooks and my chromebook in there?” Everyone has very similar black backpacks though so it’s not all my fault lol.


    I didn’t realise I had ADHD back then…

    I was in my uniform waiting for my taxi to get me to work. I heard a car pull up, jumped in and shut the door and put on my seatbelt. I then asked the driver to go to my work’s address then looked up and realised that it was the owner of the local newsagent. So I had to apologise and get out again very red faced.

    LOL! I will never forget that one.


    Love it.

    One morning I was getting ready for work made my breakfast and my cup of coffee. Went about the other morning ritual tasks that I do and went back to finish my coffee.

    I couldn’t find my cup anywhere . . . not in my bedroom, not the bathroom, not in the lounge or the kitchen . . . just vanished, gone.

    So I figured “Ok I’ll just tidy my breakfast dishes away and put the butter back in the refrigerator . . . opened the refrigerator door and there was my coffee on one of the shelves!!!!

    Mystery solved, however, how and why I put it there . . . I don’t know and any recollection of doing it . . . nope!!!

    I suppose that’s an ADD moment right there!


    We had a room added onto our house (in back). Contractor took money off the bill if we wanted to paint the 3 outside window sills ourselves. That was 2005, still not painted yet. Painters also forgot to peel the tape off the base of the ceiling fan after paint dried. It’s still up there too. The winner is the smashed roach stain on the ceiling of our bedroom. It was midnight, jumped out of bed half asleep, grabbed the nearest buster brown and did what had to be done. I muttered that I would clean it up tomorrow and fell back into bed. That was 20 years ago. Now i just leave it as a warning to any other roaches who might be feeling lucky. Im 49, had my little ADHD revelation 7 years ago when our daughter was diagnosed. I still feel stupid most of the time but hey at least now I know why. I’m over it. I laugh then I cry and take another nap. oh well.

Viewing 4 posts - 136 through 139 (of 139 total)
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