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What to expect when being diagnosed again.

What to expect when being diagnosed again.2014-06-06T13:27:47+00:00

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    So I have just received my appointment through for my re-diagnosis of ADHD among other things. Its in four days, I was expecting a few months or something, but no, four days. I’m a little anxious about it and was wondering if any of you could help ease my mind. I’m from England, and from what I have heard and seen for myself this country doesn’t support ADHD very well. I was wondering if any of you from the UK in this group could tell me how your diagnostic process was. What did you have to do? Was there any problems ect ect. Some input would be very grateful.


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    Hi  – it wouldn’t let me post a reply yesterday so I sent you a private message instead.


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    I am not in the UK and can’t help to answer your questions. But try not to be too nervous. And try to get a good sleep the night before so you’re well rested and alert. And make sure you have something to eat and drink some water to help with your concentration. Make some notes before you go so you won’t forget what you want to say. And make them go at your pace. If you need time to think about something before answering, take the time. If you need something repeated, ask to have it repeated.

    Thats all I can think of. These are all the things I did wrong when I went for my assessment. I got the diagnosis, but I wish I had been more alert and focused and asked more questions while I was there.

    Good Luck. Come back and tell us how it went. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)