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ADD & Loving it?! has been called “the best film ever made on ADHD.” Okay, we called it that, but thousands agree! Originally aired on Global Television in Canada and PBS in the US, this award-winning documentary is changing lives.

Made by and for adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, this is a must-see for anyone who has ever been impacted by this much-misunderstood disorder — or wondered if they had it.

I’ve been misdiagnosed for over almost 30 years. I saw ADD and Loving It?! and it explains my whole life the way nothing else has. I started reading, going to support groups and diving into this new journey… I feel like I have a whole new lease on life!” –DP

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Camera’s roll as comedian Patrick McKenna is diagnosed with ADHD in midlife.  He then speaks to 9 top specialists and experts to bust myths, demolish the stigma, understand the neuroscience, and learn how to get it handled.

The experts draw upon their experience helping thousands of adults, and for some, dealing with their own ADHD.

In this award-winning PBS program you’ll discover:

  • Diagnosed and treated, ADHD can be managed, and you can soar.
  • How undiagnosed ADHD can ruin lives.
  • The damage undiagnosed and untreated ADHD does to marriages, families, careers, health, and finances.
  • Five Key Actions that make the biggest difference in succeeding with this mindset.
  • The long history, and new understanding of the Neuro-Science of ADHD
  • Busting 21 common myths, fears, and beliefs.

As well you’ll learn

  • Dealing with stigma and denial.
  • Lifestyle changes that make a difference.
  • How to find reliable help.
  • The truth about medication.
  • The dangers of self-medicating with substances, risky behavior, and drama.
  • Why a strength-based and holistic approach is crucial to mastering this mindset. ‘

The program won a New York Festivals, World Silver Medal for Best Medical Documentary

The program earned producer/director Rick Green the Center for Addiction & Mental Health  Foundation’s ‘Celebrity Transforming Lives Award.’

The program was the first and only documentary about ADHD in adults to be endorsed by the two largest ADHD advocacy groups in North America, CHADD and ADDA.

The program is used by Certified ADHD Coaches and Specialists for clients who are struggling with stigma, fear, or denial.


  • ‘You can’t really love your ADHD, but you can have ADHD and have a life you love.’ Patrick McKenna. Award Winning Actor-Writer-Producer. Host of ADD & Loving It?!
  • ‘What I learned to do in graduate school to treat ADHD, I would now consider malpractice, which I know is a very strong statement, but it’s one that I do make and I make confidently.’  Dr. Stephen Kurtz
  • ‘What makes me really sad is… someone saying that ADHD is not a ‘real disorder.’  We have so much data, so much research behind it to know that ADHD is a neurological disorder.  And, furthermore, it is a treatable disorder.’  Dr. Annick Vincent
  • ‘There are many myths about ADD and I think maybe that’s the scariest (aspect)… that there are so many.’  Dr. Edward Hallowell.
  • ‘Big heartedness, generosity, charisma… all of those kind of qualities, so commonly associated with children and adults with ADD, those can’t be bought or taught.’  Dr. Edward Hallowell
  • ‘The people closest to you have watched this behavior over many years and they have made up stories about what it is… ‘You’re ornery.’  Or, ‘You’re just not trying hard enough.’  Kate Kelly
  • ‘People with ADD are working their hearts out just to get through the day.’  Kate Kelly,
  • ‘I always felt bad about myself, like, you know, I wasn’t doing enough or it wasn’t good enough or why couldn’t I do it better or like the other kids did.’  Dr. Laura Muggli, Clinical Psychologist Specializing in ADHD.

Customer Reviews:

  • I loved it. Fantastic.  – James
  • “It gave me so much hope. This is a well thought out, humourous, and inspirational look at ADD and its treatment.” – RP
  • “Loved it and want more!” – Davi
  • “Award winning for a reason! And worth having in your collection because you’ll be glad to watch it with, or loan it to, a new acquaintance. It could help them, or someone they know.” – cloudyncool
  • “I’ve found this video to be helpful and encouraging…With the humor-laced presentation it has been watched over and over.” – DH
  • “This video will change the way you look at ADD! Absolutely empowering, emotion evoking, thought provoking, relatable, mind changing information. Presentation is captivating and hilarious! The best video for ADD’ers I’ve seen in my long journey. I would give it 6 stars if I could. Every healthcare care provider needs to have this available. LIFE ALTERING!” – CW
  • “As a clinician who is always trying to find ways for the person with ADHD to learn about this disorder I find this a great help. Not a big boring book, light yet full of experts who are very informative. I highly recommend it for any with who has or lives with ADHD.” – WG Munro
  • “This is the best explanation and understanding of ADHD or ADD that I’ve ever seen.” – Alice
  • “I can not express how much this video saved me… It should be something everyone should watch, even if this does not impact you directly.” – Britt Moore
  • “I insist that all patients, families, grandparents watch the documentaries and the change that takes place in that first hour is unbelievable. I use them as the basics for education.” – Dr. Declan Quinn
  • Everytime I watch this DVD I learn something new… Thank you for a wonderful. warm, honest, funny source of strength for me and my family and friends!” – Teri Hague
  • “At age 52, I finally started getting answers to all those questions. Your mileage might vary but, for me, my life changed almost immediately for the better.” – Mike
  • “A must see for anyone with ADD/ ADHD! Entertaining and easy to watch, not some boring lecture on the subject.” – kkiesz
  • “Coming from an adult with ADHD… I showed this film to my family and friends that didn’t know much about adhd or how it feels to have it. ADD & loving it is a must see!” – Christine Bau
  • “If you have a loved one that has ADD or ADHD this is a must have DVD.” – shedgy11


  • Dr. Ned Hallowell,
  • Dr. Stephen Kurtz
  • Dr. Lenard Adler
  • Kate Kelly
  • Dr. Annick Vincent
  • Dr. Margaret Weiss
  • Dr. Umesh Jain
  • Thom Hartmann
  • Dr. Laura Muggli


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