ADD & Mastering It! (DVD)

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ADD & Mastering It! provides you with proven strategies for dealing with your Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

As seen on PBS, this popular “user’s manual” for ADHD was created by the makers of the award-winning ADD & Loving It?! And who would know how to deal with this disorder better than the no-longer-suffering poster boys of ADHD, comedians Patrick McKenna and Rick Green! (Okay, and the 20 ADHD experts they interviewed.)

  • Learn in a style created by and for those with an ADHD mindset, as Patrick and Rick present a playful approach to taking on new and productive habits.
  • Pick and choose from 36 tools and strategies that will not only help you manage your ADHD, but actually allow you to thrive!
  • Turn ADHD traits into advantages as you explore for yourself the proven strategies that others have used successfully in their own lives.

If you’re thinking, “36 strategies?! I can’t keep my attention on 2 things,” don’t worry! ADD & Mastering It! gives you a range of tools to try out–if something doesn’t work, ditch it and move on! This video puts choice into your hands—there’s something for everyone!

Put these approaches to the test and find out why people are saying, “I used to suffer from ADHD. Now I just have it.

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In an entertaining, rapid-fire exchange Patrick McKenna and Rick Green lay out 36 ADHD-Friendly Strategies they use to manage daily life and long-term goals.

As seen on PBS, this acclaimed program gives you an arsenal of practical tools that work to minimize the downside of ADHD.   Over a dozen of our favorite specialists share tips and strategies that you can use every day—at home and at work.

You’ll learn:

  • 3 quick steps to instantly eliminate procrastination.
  • 4 simple routines to overcome forgetfulness.
  • 7 ways to manage time, clutter, and distraction.
  • 4 holistic strategies for managing emotions, moods, and sensitivities.

Many standard organizing or motivational strategies don’t work for people with ADHD.  Your unique mindset demands unique solutions.

With 36 strategies to choose from.  Try them, tweak them, play with them.  Keep the strategies that work for you and drop the ones that don’t.

Patrick and Rick emphasize that strategies should be fun, engaging, and fit your life and your situation.  Mastering your ADHD becomes a game, playing with different ways to bend the world to you.

Other topics include:

  • How to find reliable help and solid scientific information
  • A bullet-point review of what ADHD is and is not
  • Building a personal combination of strategies that support each other

From quick life-hacks to long-term strategies for setting and achieving goals, this program brims with powerful tools that Patrick, Rick, and 1,000’s of people use to succeed with ADHD.


  • ‘This is a good news diagnosis. The bad news is when you don’t know about it.  So take this information and embrace it.’  Edward Hallowell
  • ‘Make lists. With ADHD, you might need a list for only four items. Or a check list of what to pack for the weekend trip.  Or the office.  Or school.  Or a list of questions you want to ask your Doctor.’  Rick Green
  • ‘Every morning I take five minutes and write down what I did the day before, what happened, how I felt… Hugely beneficial for memory. ‘ Patrick McKenna

 Customer Reviews:

  • “An awesome compilation of tips presented in an absolutely wonderful delivery mode for someone with ADD/ADHD! Addresses our most troublesome deficits. I highly recommend it to ADD/ADHD folks and their partners. Thank you so much!!!”  -S
  • “I sat there and watched my whole life explained. I got teary, which is huge because I don’t cry, that was abused out of me long ago. Now I’m ready for what can be. I’m working on understand who I am. Thank you, for giving me a life.”  – JA
  • “Like looking in a mirror and seeing myself and the difficulties that I struggle with most days… like finding the hidden passage to a lost treasure.”  – BB
  • “This DVD is a great help in learning how to keep it all together.” – clp
  • “These 36 ideas are presented visually, verbally and augmented with humorous, unforgettable skits.” – Bonnie Johnson

 Experts include:

  • Anthony Rostain
  • Umesh Jain
  • Allan Donsky
  • Edward Hallowell
  • Stan Kutcher
  • Annick Vincent
  • Kate Kelly
  • Margaret Weiss
  • Lenard Adler
  • Miglena Grigorova
  • Derryck Smith
  • Samuel Chang
  • Thom Hartman
  • John Ratey
  • Laura Muggli
  • Gina Pera
  • Geraldine Farrelly
  • Laurence Jerome
  • Linda Walker
  • Steven Kurtz

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6 reviews for ADD & Mastering It! (DVD)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bonnie Ihme

    I ordered ADD & loving it along with ADD & Mastering it.
    What I’m finding is that much of the general population doesn’t know the real scoop about ADHD. They learn what they hear many times from people with a wide range of myths. When people learn the facts about what this diagnosis is, it helps dispel the fear and negativity that goes along with it. ADHD is a very serious condition, though it has it’s perks. I can’t imagine educating anyone better about the facts than information given with honesty and hilarity by those associated with Totally A.D.D. Their books and DVD’s are ones I’ll absolutely share with friends and family because they’re truly enlightening and entertaining. Thank you all for reaching out and presenting such an important topic to others in such a fun way.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bonnie W Johnson

    ADD & Mastering It.

    You can read all 36 strategies discussed in this video in a free Cheat Sheet on Who doesn’ t like free?

    As I read the Cheat Sheat, some tips were familar, others were described in a new way, and some were new.

    Like a serious student, I worked hard to memorize the list. Repeat it aloud, write it down, put the ideas on my own words, … but how was I to go from learning to doing?

    I found my answer by purchasing the downloadable copy of the video. These 36 ideas are presented visually, verbally and augmented with humorous, unforgettable skits

    The next day I found myself recalling these strategies and putting them into use.

    Seeing is remembering, and remembering is half the battle.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5


    Practical suggestions for mastering ADHD. Hoping teen daughter will use some of these suggestions and also be inspired re: career choices. This website is also so helpful!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    I like to define myself by something I read years ago: I have full sixpack without the plastic thingie to hold it all together. This DVD is a great help in learning how to keep it all together.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    Loved the Video. It’s a video I can’ easily follow. It took my a while though to watch it, and I’m going to have to watch it again. I can’t remember lots of what they said. It was really good though. Best one though was Chunk it Down. Chunk IT. (hahahha my review completely sounds ADD)

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    It’s so heartening to watch this video. If you could, you’d want each one of these experts personally in your corner. But how to find the time to work with all of them? Easy, just watch this and you’ll be well on your way to helping yourself. And when you’re ready to get “outside” help, like a coach, you’ll have an idea what to look for in one. The bonus videos are like a highlighter pen. They’re the perfect desert at the end of a great meal. Very inspiring and hope generating! I’m off to look for a coach… Thanks, TotallyADD!

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