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The Ultimate Guide to Anger Management for Adults With ADHD

Take average, everyday anger.  Now multiply it by 10,000.  Then, let it vanish as if it was never there.  That’s what life can be like for adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Explosive anger is terrifying and confusing, both to the person with ADHD and to those around them.  Most of the time the person with ADD is fine.  Yet, in the blink of an eye, they explode with rage.  And then, quickly and inexplicably, they return to normal.

While most ADHD headlines are focused on Attention and Hyperactivity, emotional reactivity is a very real problem for many of us. With severe costs.  After all, forgetting a dental appointment is annoying; raging over trivial events can destroy relationships, careers, and your health.  This video will help you tame your ADHD-induced anger and bring a sense of calm and control into your life.

  • Understand how explosive anger is triggered by a particular combination of ADHD issues.
  • Learn to apply simple tactics to lessen the frequency and severity of your outbursts.
  • Develop the ability to put in the pause that allows you to cool off “hot” triggers and control negative emotions.

Uncontrolled temper tantrums are as dangerous as an exploding grenade.  But, when properly channeled, this energy can provide the fuel and motivation to accomplish great things.

Video length: 41 minutes – Download or Streaming


Anger is a common problem for people with ADHD.  It’s not a traditional ‘Anger Management Problem.’

 ‘Some people go through life feeling angry, almost a chip on the shoulder attitude, “I dare you,” blasting at anyone and everyone that comes across their path.  That is NOT… what people are dealing with, with ADHD.’

Dr. Kathleen Nadeau
Co-author, ADHD-Friendly Strategies to Organize Your Life

Many standard ‘Anger Management Strategies’ are ineffective for people with ADHD.  They demand self-awareness and the ability to pause.  That’s not us.  ‘Take a deep breath and count to ten?!  Are you kidding?  I have ADHD!”

‘There’s no escalation… it is like a light switch.  They are exploding before they have any time to stop that process.

Dr. Candice Murray
Clinical Psychologist with Expertise in ADHD

In this video 13 ADHD specialists explain why some folks with ADHD seem to enjoy picking fights and arguing.  It’s a form of Self-Medication with a neurochemical a payoff.

But the costs are severe.  ADHD-driven rage can ruin relationships, careers, and the health of everyone involved.  The good news is, there are simple strategies to turn down the emotion and prevent outbursts from happening.

This video will show you:

  • Why ADHD leads to sudden, unexpected rage in adults and tantrums in children.
  • How timely snacks rich in protein can prevent emotional meltdowns.
  • 7 Strategies for ADHD Anger – from well-timed snacks to exercise to Mindfulness.
  • How to ration your willpower, so you can pause, and choose your reaction.
  • The power of ADHD medication to interrupt anger before it escalates.

Learn how to ‘Name It to Tame It to Claim It.’  Simply stopping to notice and express how you feel in words instantly gives you control.

The good news?  As frightening and random as these outbursts may seem, there are 4 common triggers, which happen to be part and parcel of ADHD.

‘When ADDers feel strong emotions they feel them so strongly they’re afraid the emotion is going to shatter them. So they have to react to it.  They feel they have to react or they’ll be destroyed by it.  It’s that strong, sometimes.’

Barbara Luther, MA, MCAC, MCC
Master Certified ADHD Coach; Director of Training: ADD Coaching Academy

It’s time to understand how certain ADHD symptoms lead to explosions of anger, and what you can do right now to manage them.

‘We need to be able to get angry. But anger should be like a sneeze.  It should happen and be over.’

Dr. Edward Hallowell
Coauthor: Driven to Distraction at Work.
Author: Worry: Hope and Help for a Common Condition  

This powerful video offers sensible practical solutions that can save families, marriages, and careers.


  • ‘There is a region that I call the Upset Zone, that is very predictable. It has to do with fatigue, with hunger, with repeated frustrations that build up during the day, with needing a break and not getting one. So often the explosions occur in reaction to a very minor frustration, and seem completely out of proportion.’ Dr. Kathleen Nadeau PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Director of the Chesapeake ADHD Centre of Maryland. Coauthor: ADHD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life;
  • ‘And its not like the rest of the population don’t aggravated… But the lengths and the steps to which some folks with ADHD take, who aren’t being treated or managed properly, often times lands them in trouble with the law.’ David Giwerc, Master Certified ADHD Coach, Author: Permission to Proceed
  • ‘It’s normal to have arguments in relationships. But there is a difference between a healthy argument and it segueing into a fight. So I talk to people about arguing in a constructive way and getting things accomplished.  Rather than talking about the same thing over and over again.’ Dr. Stephanie Sarkis, Author:
  • ‘Women with ADHD certainly get very angry, but that may be expressed differently. It’s more likely to be expressed in yelling.  It’s more likely to be expressed towards people that they feel very safe with– their parents, their immediate family members.’ Dr. Kathleen Nadeau PhD, Author: A Complete Guide to ADD in Adults
  • ‘Walking on eggshells… The person with the ADHD is trying to get their brain started. Some of us have a cup of coffee.  Some go for a run in the morning.  And for some people it’s picking fights.  This is almost a learned behaviour for trying to get their brain started.’ Laurie Dupar  Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse Practitioner; ADHD Coach Author: 365 ways to succeed with ADHD:
  • ‘The person that has ADHD may not even remember that fight or the specifics of it. And the other person literally is a puddle of emotion, “What happened!?”’ Laurie Dupar  PMHNP, RN, PCC, SCAC, Founder: The International ADHD Coach Training Center
  • ‘The essence of living with ADHD is that big things and little things tend to go wrong all the time. We’re dealing with someone who by virtue of just having ADHD has a problem with impulse control.’ Dr. Kathleen Nadeau, Co-author: ADHD Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life. Author:
  • ‘Non-ADD women say, “What am I the house hold slave? I have to do all this stuff and the only time my husband comes and finds me is when he wants sex. So I’m not going to give him the sex because that would be saying this is okay. And it’s not okay.’ Melissa Orlov, Author: The ADHD Effect on Marriage
  • ‘Touch it. Feel it.  Give it a name… “I’m angry, I’m upset, I’m frustrated!” Research shows the moment you give it a name you diminish it’s power over you.’ David Giwerc, Founder: ADHD Coaching Academy, Author:  Permission to Proceed

Customer Reviews:

  • “Finding this funny approach to a serious problem has helped me immensely and my children who also suffer.” – CW
  • “This video helps us to understand why our recently diagnosed ADD teen goes from zero to explosive in a blink on an eye.” – Stephanie
  • “Highly recommend!” – M.J.
  • “Very well done!… Sometimes it’s vey hard to get people with ADD to go to a Doctor or therapist to talk about their issues. Having this information available to see in your own home is very helpful.” – SLN
  • “Finally, a rational (and entertaining) explanation for the terrifying rages I had as a child, and my mom has now!” – NSF
  • “This is a great video, and I think one of the best ones in any media format for understanding and treating anger management in ADHD folks, along with basic remedies for our emotional disregulation.” – Grant Crowell


  • Anger can lead to disaster for adults with ADHD – and their partners!  In this engaging video, TotallyADD pulls the experts together to give you nine great ways to keep anger from ruling your life.  A terrific and incredibly useful video about ADHD and anger.” – Melissa Orlov, author of two award-winning books on the impact of ADHD on adult relationships,
  • “For those of us living with ADHD, an emotional reaction can happen—BOOM!—often driving us to take an impulsive action we may regret later. This video from TotallyADD shows us that being aware of the internal distress of BIG Emotion and growing the skills to modulate our responses to them is not only essential, but absolutely possible!”  – Don Baker, MA, LMHC – ADHD Therapist,
  • “With a magical blend of ADHD experts and the honest humor only TotallyADD can deliver, this must see video shines a light on the subject of ADHD and Anger.  Learn about Anger and ADHD as experts talk about this common challenge and find out how to stop those out of control  0-60 outbursts.” – Laurie Dupar, Nurse Practitioner, ADHD Coach and Trainer,
  • “A practical, useful and informative video with enough entertainment value to keep you watching. Anger is such an important topic. If anger is a challenge for you, as it is for many with ADHD, then this video is a must watch.” – Dr. Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA, author of More Attention, Less Deficit: Success Strategies for Adults With ADHD,
  • “ADHD and Anger is an important video that underscores the reality that not being able to regulate anger causes more problems than any core ADHD symptom. People can forgive disorganization and distractibility. It is harder to forgive verbal or physical aggression.” – Dr. Candice Murray,
  • “If you are an adult with ADHD this video will significantly improve your practical understanding of how to manage the perplexing puzzling challenges of anger and ADHD. It will empower you to learn more about how to manage your anger and ADHD so it no longer destroys important relationships at work and in your personal life.” – David Giwerc, MCC, MCAC, BCC, Founder & President, ADD Coach Academy,

The Experts:

  • Edward Hallowell
  • Candice Murray
  • Kathleen Nadeau
  • Margaret Weiss
  • David Giwerc
  • Stephanie Sarkis
  • Laurie Dupar
  • Patrick & Janis McKenna
  • Kate Kelly
  • David Teplin
  • Melissa Orlov
  • Ari Tuckman
  • Barbara Luther
  • Don Bake

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7 reviews for ADHD & Anger (Download)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    redisfun2 (verified owner)

    I was in the middle of a very bad fight. Trying to figure out why I’m so upset. I’m recently diagnosed, 45yr female. I have tried throughout my life to explain why I keep my emotions back or hidden, and not 4 minutes into this video, one of the therapists says nearly verbatim what I have tried to explain, that it’s so powerful it feels like I’ll shatter or they’ll destroy me… I needed this and am so thankful I found it! Thank you!!!

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Grant Crowell

    This video does an excellent presentation of explaining the “why” behind the ADHD’s over-emotionality (aka “emotional disregulation”) and being prone to emotional outbursts — including why some ADHD’s are addicted to the drama even when it works against us.


    — The host Rick Green is his usual entertaining, informative, educational, empathetic, warmly kooky self.

    — The points are easy to remember and act upon. You could follow along with it even as background audio.

    — The video is well edited and a good flow. (Sure there are some repeated b-roll footage moments, but nothing terribly distracting


    — One noticeable technical issue: On Rick Green like there’s a bit of a room echo, that can be a bit distracting.

    — I would have liked to have heard more about the “sex” component. This was mentioned for not even 5 seconds with just a single shot of a woman in a wet bikini exiting a pool (???) IMHO, good part of the inability, or challenge, with managing our emotions has to do with sex and sexual frustration.


    This is a great video, and I think one of the best ones in any media format for understanding and treating anger management in ADHD folks, along with basic remedies for our emotional disregulation. But before we can give it the grand title of “Ultimate” we need a Part 2. (Do you hear me Rick? More sex! 😉

  3. Rated 4 out of 5


    Finally, a rational (and entertaining) explanation for the terrifying rages I had as a child, and my mom has now!

    In this video, there’s a real contrast between the “angry” parts and the calm, soothing “here’s what to do about it” parts. It feels physically different when I watch them. That physical difference helped me absorb the content, and hopefully remember it when I feel a rush of anger coming on.

    Watching this video also made me realize how much mellower I am now. Probably because TotallyADD has made me more aware of what’s going on so I can do something about it before I snap.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    I purchased this video for my son. It is very informative and explains a lot. Sometimes it’s vey hard to get people with ADD to go to a Doctor or therapist to talk about their issues. Having this information available to see in your own home is very helpful. Thank you for doing this series of videos. Excellent!!

  5. Rated 4 out of 5


    I struggle with this issue – being easily irritated with a quick fuse. This short film combines funny Rick Green comments with some good interviews with Gina Pera, Ed Hallowell, Ari Tuckman, and others. Highly recommend!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    This video helps us to understand why our recently diagnosed ADD teen goes from zero to explosive in a blink on an eye. I only wish I could get him to sit and watch it.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    I got the Anger DVD and wow does it ever explain my angry, raging outbursts in my younger years.

    Finding this funny approach to a serious problem has helped me immensely and my children who also suffer.

    Thank you so much,

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