ADHD Medication: A Powerful Tool – Video 1 in our 5 Part Series

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ADHD Medication – A Powerful Tool

The 1st video in TotallyADD’s 5 part series  “ADHD Medication: Straight Answers to Big Questions”

  • With the guidance of 17 experts, we will explain the limits of medication, what you can expect, and what you shouldn’t expect medication to do for you.
  • This video will give your spouse or loved ones insight into what you are going through.
  • Adults from several ADHD support groups will share their experiences, what it was like when they tried medication. Their personal stories show the wide range of possible outcomes and impact.

“I think that this is an investment in your health, and health is number one.”
Stephanie Sarkis, M.D.

Length – 56 Minutes



Hi, Rick Green here,

For me, ADHD medication was a big, scary mystery.

“How do they work?  Are they dangerous?  Will I be ‘hooked?’  Addicted?  Zombied?  Taking them forever?”

I had tons of concerns, fears, and questions.  And I kept getting different answers.  Everyone had an opinion.  I wanted some FACTS!

Luckily, I also had the privilege of interviewing scores of top ADHD specialists.  They answered every concern I had.  Even better, they pointed out dozens of issues and options that I would never have considered.

Then I interviewed 18 adults who have taken, or are taking, ADHD medication.  Drawn from two ADHD Support Groups, they openly shared their stories.  It’s straight talk from a range of regular folks who lay out exactly how life has changed on medication.  Their experiences run the gamut–the good and the bad, the challenges and the benefits.

Finally, we spent 6 months weaving all these interviews into one ultimate resource on ADHD Medication.

Video 1 “ADHD Medication:  A Powerful Tool”

Gives you a chance to see if this series is for you without committing to buying all 5 videos.


Length – 56 Minutes