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The Best Thing Anyone Ever Said About ADHD Medication

By Rick Green - Founder of TotallyADD

By Rick Green

I’ve stopped and started taking ADHD medication four times.

The first time I started was nearly 15 years ago.

The fourth time I started medication was yesterday.

Over the next month, I’ll tell the story of each start & stop. Each time I started was for a different reason. Each time I stopped was for a different reason.

But today, I want to talk about why I stopped taking medication the second time, and why I started again. Because it was the only time I succumbed to pressure and other people’s opinions.

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The Purpose of My Trip? I Made a Documentary.

By Rick Green - Founder of TotallyADD

“What is the purpose of your trip, business or pleasure?”
“What kind of business?”
“I made a documentary about ADHD in adults, you know, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and it’s airing on PBS! So I’m traveling from station to station to talk about the program on air.”
“… You made a what?”
“A documentary…

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Losing Robin Williams

By Rick Green - Founder of TotallyADD

A tough week indeed, losing Robin Williams. There’s been a lot of speculation and confusion and searching for reasons. Some are asking if Comedians are more prone to Depression…

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Up Early

By Team TotallyADD

For some reason I woke up early yesterday and didn’t do that thing I do so well to start my day—rolling over and falling back asleep for another two hours. Instead I found myself up and making breakfast long before anyone else had stirred. To be fair we were at a cottage and part of the pleasure of being up north is sleeping in.
But as I discovered…