Dr Stephanie Sarkis

Financial freedom from a frozen asset

By Rick Green - Founder of TotallyADD

In this video, Dr. Stephanie Sarkis talks about the challenge of ADHD and credit cards. Plus, ADHD expert Dr. Ned Hallowell shares a simple secret to deal with ADD, impulse shopping, credit card debt, overspending, buyers remorse, and self-control. It involves a bowl of water. Intrigued? This simple strategy, a trick anyone can use, will help cut debt and overspending for adults, students, and seniors who struggle with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and their finances.

Life with ADHD – My Husband Makes Me Crazy

By Rick Green - Founder of TotallyADD

It’s been said that many ADHD adults are kind-hearted, generous, eager to please, and fiercely loyal when they are appreciated, understood, and acknowledged. The challenge for their partners and colleagues comes in trying to understand, “What were you thinking?”

It may seem like the ADHD person is thoughtless. The opposite is true. They are actually so overwhelmed by thought, with so much going on in their heads, that they fail to notice what’s going on around them. They unwittingly leave a trail of destruction or chaos in their wake. And never notice.

It’s not selfishness. You might call it being self-absorbed. But that would suggest there’s some element of choice.

When you’re always doing, always going, always thinking… taking the time to pause and look around simply isn’t on the ADDers radar.

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Help! I Feel Stuck! – New Years Resolutions

By Rick Green - Founder of TotallyADD

ADHD & New Years Resolutions – As the end of the year draws to a close we’re supposed to look back and assess the last 12 months and plan ahead for the next 12 months, but with ADHD there’s an extra challenge. Two of them…

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Does Rudolph Have ADHD?

By Rick Green - Founder of TotallyADD

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Holiday Overwhelm & ADHD

By Team TotallyADD

<![CDATA[ Love This Video? We’d Love to create more but we need your help! Become a Patron! Problems with Executive […]

An Eventful Week

By Rick Green - Founder of TotallyADD

An eventful week! And it’s not over.

On Tuesday I went to Queens Park, the seat of government for the province of Ontario, where I had lunch with the Speaker, the Hon. Dave Levac. Mark Tishman, from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care joined us as well. Very moving conversation.

For me, it renewed the hope that we can keep doing what we are doing at TotallyADD.com. Because at the moment the future is by no means guaranteed. Many ADHD organizations are struggling. Some have had to close down. This week we were sad to hear that ADD Resources in Seattle is no more.

You Need a Good Education – Not a Standard Education

By Rick Green - Founder of TotallyADD

By Rick Green – “You need a college education if you want to get a good job.” My parents told me that. The school system told me that. And what I could see of the real world from my High School seemed to confirm it.

A university degree brings you wealth, happiness, opportunity, and success. Not having degree doomed you to menial, unpleasant, and servitude. It was obvious…

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Disclosing ADHD? – Curb your enthusiasm

By Rick Green - Founder of TotallyADD

As ADHD specialist Dr. David Teplin explains, “In terms of disclosure, like anything else in life you have to be aware of who you are telling, who is receiving that, and what they might do with it. In some ways it has to do with trust. In some ways it has to be with naivety. Or lack of naivety. And really at the end of the day what you’re trying to achieve or what you think will be helpful.”
Who have you told? And how did it go?

New Year's Resolutions For 2016

By Rick Green - Founder of TotallyADD

By Rick Green

Made your New Year’s Resolutions yet?


Forgotten them already?

Even better.

Now you can create some new ones. I don’t know about you, but I’m like a lot of adults with ADHD—I love ‘new.’ Plus I have a problem sticking to long term goals.

The Universal Challenge

By Rick Green - Founder of TotallyADD

By Rick Green
I know a lot of people with ADHD/ADD. Whaddya expect, I work in show business. (And yes, I know, “You call that work?!”) One of my friends, Glenn, is a television writer, a pilot, and an astronomy enthusiast. He and his wife Michelle live up north…