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Everyone Conveniently Overlooks The Details – Part 1

By Rick Green - Founder of TotallyADD

They all begin with a number. “12 Things You Should Know…”; “8 Ways Your House May Be Killing You…”; “15 Things That Turn Guys Off…”; “845 Ways To Make Sure…”[That last one was written by an ADDer.] Magazines, the internet, and newspapers are full of lists

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10 Fast Facts on Sleep Deprivation

By Team TotallyADD

Sleep.  Ah, glorious sleep.  According to my FitBit I actually got well over the recommended 8 hours of  sleep… once in the last two weeks.  If I add in the naps I take, I’m probably getting 8 hours at least twice a week.  Today was the first day since New Years that I was up before 8:00.  My alarm normally goes off at 7:10 and I’m doing yoga by 7:20.  Usually.  Ideally.  Mostly.

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Hyper Holiday

By Rick Green - Founder of TotallyADD

The end-of-year, crazy-making, crowd-crushing, high-pressure, time-sucking, energy-sapping, hysteria-causing holidays are here. Forget celebrating. How about surviving? Rick has a suggestion.

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ADHD: The Difference we Make Together

By Rick Green - Founder of TotallyADD

This year I had the privilege to speak about ADHD to Learning Disability Associations, teachers, H.R. staff, businesses, civil servants, families, students, and even professional athletes at the Invictus Games in Toronto!