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Everything I used to know about ADD was wrong

Getting a proper diagnosis and treatment was transformational; like losing 400 pounds, only from the mind rather than the body. I was more productive with far less wear and tear on my soul. Everyone deserves to have this feeling of being in charge of their lives, rather than being a confused victim of mysterious whims. It’s possible.

I am an award winning producer, director, writer and comedic performer who has made hundreds of innovative television, radio and stage shows including: History Bites, The Red Green Show, Prisoners of Gravity, The Frantics and of course all of the videos on TotallyADD!

Like many adults with ADD, I first suspected I might have ADHD when one of my children was being diagnosed. I realized that I scored higher on the tests than my child. This appealed to my competitive streak!

For a long time, I managed my ADHD in a, well, ADHD kind of way—sporadically, when it reached a crisis. God bless television deadlines. I also unknowingly demonstrated most of the symptoms of ADHD through my disarmingly destructive character “Bill”.

While it may seem odd for a comedian to be doing something quasi-educational, I actually have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics from the University of Waterloo. They even named me one of their Top 50 Graduates Of The First 50 Years! While I’m tooting my own horn… I have since been given The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) Foundation’s Celebrity Transforming Lives Award.

I’m deeply humbled to also be appointed to The Order of Ontario, as well as The Order of Canada for my work as an ADHD advocate. These appointments are the highest honours for the province, and the country I call home.


Being married to Rick Green has given me insight and understanding to life with ADHD

Before we made ADD & Loving It?!, I had a difficult time understanding what Rick was dealing with. Education, support and a game plan has made our lives easier and enriched our relationship. My goal is that TotallyADD is a safe community for anyone affected by ADHD. I’ve heard from so many people with ADHD that just don’t have that kind of support from the people around them. I want them to find that here.

I do not personally have ADHD, my role is to give perspective here as the partner of someone who does have it. Oh, and to be a video editor and producer!