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Re: A facade that worked too well…apparently

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This sounds very familiar to me, for sure. Just came out of a relationship where she told me that I “was not that special, everyone has these issues”, and I just need to stop being so hard on myself. Yeah… There is a kernel of truth in there, of course, but if I could “not be so hard on myself” I would. This way of being is not particularly fun a lot of the time.

On the other hand, I wish that I was not so focused on trying to explain myself to other people. I feel like I always end up talking about what is difficult in my life, what I feel is “wrong” with me, at that moment. I would love to develop a better filter, and talk about everyday stuff with friends and family (for the most part), as I think that would make a lot of my relationships better.

So, I guess what I am saying is that while I feel a need emotionally for other people to get it, I am trying to get to a place where this is a non-issue. Maybe most people don’t need to know, and those that do either get it or they don’t, but not my problem.

Easier said than done, especially in a romantic relationship.

Otherwise, I have not figured out an effective way (in short form) to explain what I mean.