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The Ultimate ADHD Meme Collection!

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The Top ADHD Memes From TotallyADD

Best ADHD Memes

TotallyADD founder, comedian Rick Green writes down what’s in his ADHD mind.  The result is a hilarious collection of memes that everyone will love.  Laughter really is the best medicine!

ADHD Focus Meme

My better half: “What are you thinking?”

Me: “Everything.” ⁣
⁣I do like the term ‘Butterfly Mind.’ Some people watch a TV show or stage production that I’ve worked on and ask, “Where do you get your ideas?” And I cannot explain. Someone asked, “How can you think up that stuff?” And I felt like saying, “How can you not.” Sometimes a strength… sometimes a curse. As we say in many of our videos, “ADHD is situational.”

I Miss Highschool Meme

The good old days? Even with my spotty memory and tendency to forget the bad stuff, I can’t say I wish I was young again. Having my whole life ahead of me? Well, I suppose you could argue I still do. It’s just a smaller amount. Two things help me maximize whatever I have left: Taking better care of myself. And being really impatient and focusing on what matters. But with ADHD that’s a constant challenge. Daily. Sometimes, hourly! Ha!

Sometime my brain is like a swiss army knife of nothing but corkscrews

And I desperately need a can opener. So I end up being the cork that’s screwed.

What should I say to people who don't believe in ADHD? Me. Shhhhhhh

People will believe what they want to believe. Facts are no longer relevant to a frighteningly large percentage of people. My advice, focus on dealing with your ADHD.

What today noway

Does this happen to you? One strategies works for a while, Then it stops working? I find I start using a new strategy which is awesome and really works well and I think, “Okay, finally, I found the right one!” And a month later… It’s like aversion therapy in reverse. Something great gradually becomes good, then merely okay, and then irrelevant. Novelty. My brain wants novelty. So, I’ve decided not to ask ‘What’s wrong with me?” when something stops working and simply see it as something that is no longer workable. And moving on to something else, even something that used to work and then stopped working, is just fine.

When its all been said and done... I will keep talking and talking

The curse of knowing a little bit about a thousand things… and then believing other people are just as interested as I am.

That Awkward moment when you learn what adhd in adults looks like and it explains your entire life meme
What did I say? Was it good? Bad? Am I weird? Should I hide in a cave? Do you have to alert the police?
A wise Man once said nothing
Overwhelm meme

It’s never one thing. Because one thing quickly triggers second, a third, a fourth….

Working memory. Not great. At yet, I can find a piece of my kids Playmobil at the bottom of a box, lying there since 1998 and I can tell you, “That’s a barbecue skewer from the camper van set.”
Me the day I lost track and took a double dose of my meds meme
Self awareness is like my biggest strength ever meme
I decided to create an emoticon that means I have ADHD meme
Having forgotten what his wife had asked him to buy Mike bought one of everything
In My day no one had ADHD because we beat it out of them
As Greg mentally planned out his day all eight hours slipped past
Teresa learned more in 15 minutes of recess than she did in 3 hours of classroom
My brain likes to consider every possilbe point of view all the same time.
What was I like in school? Mostly like this. Woman spins on chair meme
Your Kid has ADHD and your entire treatment plan is more fish oil. What's your plan for the zombie apocolypse? Get better glasses?.jpg
Trying to find a doctor who knows about adhd is so much fun
In my teens I tried acting like a normal person. Turned out I wasn't a good actor. Apparently the role I've been born to play is me. Rick Green ADHD Expert
High speed camera captures the first nanaosecond of me reacting to... anything (Rick Green has 3 completely different reactions)
Who thinks ADHD is just a made up excuse for laziness? Who knows 20 genes associated with ADHD have been identified?

This isn’t a matter of ‘belief’ or ‘opinion.’ It’s a neurodevelopmental issue and until it’s diagnosed and dealt with it can ruin your career, your relationships, your finances, and your self-esteem.

I exude self confidence, and people love it! At least... I think they do...

It’s all in my head. And on my face. And in everything I do! I’m not fooling anyone!

My ADHD is Handled

The long and winding road… more ups and downs than an elevator.


The best memes on the Internet as chosen by… us!

Popular Memes

A collection of some of our favorite memes ever from all over the interweb. Funny, inspiring, some about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, some have nothing to do with ADHD. We just love them, and we’ve collected them here because we think you’ll enjoy them as well.

If you think my posts are ridiculous you should see my life choices
I saw a guy with no chin and all I could think was how does he put on pillowcases
By the time my father was my age he had amassed 30 coffee cans full of screws. What have I done with my life.
The Trick Is Not to Let people know you are weird until its too late to back out meme
What Doesn't Kill You makes you stronger. Great I just ate 4 donuts.
signs you cereal may not be good for you. It features a vampire, leprauchan, frankenstein
I planned to workout and have a nice body for people to look at this summer, but then I remembered that I like food more than people
Beard Guide Meme
Sometimes I feel like the rest of the world is waltzing along and I'm here doing the chicken dance
If I owned a taser I'd probably get curious and tase myself and that's why I don't own a taser
People keep asking me How's it going? Like I have any idea what's going on at any point
Sitting on the other end of couch different meme
The unknown squirrel meme
Being an adult is like folding a fitted sheet meme
How My Brain Works 'utterly obsessed' 'Uninterested'
I'm actually Pretty good in bed I hardly fall out anymore
I got called pretty today. Actually pretty annoying, but I focus on positive things

Inspirational Memes about ADHD

ADHD Inspiration

Feeling like you need a little inspiration? Whether you have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or not, we can all use a good, inspirational quote now and then!

This summer a good friend finally pushed past years of fear, denial, and dread… and got diagnosed. Knowing changes everything. Suddenly you have an explanation that makes sense. And you can deal with it. What’s the Treatment Plan for, “I’m lazy and weak and unreliable,” except maybe, “Try Harder.”

ADHD Software Meme

Was it like this for you? Okay, the diagnosis didn’t explain EVERYTHING. But so much of what I did well or did poorly made sense. It was a logical consequence of having this ‘butterfly mind’ that was always playing, jumping, coming up with odd connections, and struggling with regular routine tasks.

The ADHD Diagnosis is Life Changing Meme

Now you tell me?! The one universal lament among adults is, “If only I had known sooner… What might my life have been like?”

We are so beaten down and worn that to find out we are not alone is just eye watering
Understanding is an art and not every one is an artist
To succeed at life you need 3 things a backbone a wishbone and a funny bone

Animal Memes

Funny Animal Memes

Some say dogs have ADHD. But cat lovers know it’s felines that have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Monopoly Dog
Mollie Golden Retriever
It's a beautiful day think I'll skip my meds and stir things up a bit

Holiday Memes and ADHD

ADHD Holiday Memes

Need some help getting through the holidays? St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween… here are funny memes to help you see the lighter side of the holidays, and maybe even share with friends and family.

ADHD Valentines Meme
Christmas Meme
ADHD Advent Calendar
ADHD Valentines Candy Meme
As you slide down the bannister of life may the splinters never point in the wrong direction.jpg
Holiday tip if you can't find your christmas lights check the outside of your house and see if they are still up
What I plan to do what I actually do Halloween meme