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Patrick McKenna and Rick Green have educated and entertained people who are living with ADHD across North America

We offer a range of live talks, keynotes, and workshops.

Audiences Have Included:

  • Business Groups & Corporations
  • Hospital Staff & Patients
  • Psychiatrists & Psychologists
  • Mental Health Organizations
  • Advocacy Groups & Associations
  • Coaches & Health Care Providers
  • Teacher Unions & School Boards


  • Families
  • Elementary Schools
  • Colleges & Universities
  • ADHD Support Groups
  • Adults & Couples
  • Parent Groups
  • Festivals

Presentations can be tailored to your audience’s particular concerns or interests. We’ve spoken to conferences for Epilepsy, Tourette, Learning Disabilities, and even Parole & Bail Supervisors!

Tell us when and where the event will take place, your budget, and who the audience will be.

Pricing varies, depending on the venue, audience, and which presentation you choose.

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About Our Speakers

After graduating with a BSC. in Physics, Rick Green created public programs for the Ontario Science Centre. In 1979 he became a full-time comedian, writing and performing in 700 episodes of television and radio.

Rick is the founder of the groundbreaking website, as well as the producer of two outstanding documentaries on adult ADHD: ADD & Loving It?! and ADD & Mastering It!

ADD & Loving It?! became a runaway hit on PBS earning critical acclaim, a New York Festivals award for Best Medical Documentary, and kudos from educators, coaches, doctors, and adults affected by Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD/ADD).

Since then, Rick and his wife Ava have interviewed 75 of the world’s leading ADHD experts, and produced 16 full-length videos on every aspect of ADHD, including an epic, 5 video series, ADD Medication: Straight Answers to Big Questions.

With a gift for blending information and humor, Rick is also well known for his television series History Bites; the alternative fiction literacy series Prisoners of Gravity; the long-running comedy series The Red Green Show; and for The Frantics comedy troupe.

A frequent public speaker and advocate for adults with ADHD, Rick has been honored as one of The University of Waterloo’s Top 50 Science Graduates, he has received the prestigious Order of Ontario, and recently he was proud to be appointed to The Order of Canada.

Actor Patrick McKenna may be best known for his fifteen years of television work portraying Red Green’s nerdy techno geek nephew Harold, – but it’s his work on the award winning Documentary “ADD and Loving it” that brings Patrick the most satisfaction.

It was during the filming of the documentary that McKenna was “officially” diagnosed with ADHD (verses the endless family and friends rants, name calling and law suits that inferred it). He then agreed to try a prescribed medication and some life style changes that might help propel his relationships, career and driving record into a more positive direction.

Since that time McKenna has been using his hilarious ADD experiences and perspective to tour Universities, conferences and PBS stations throughout North America touting and promoting the benefits of ADHD testing in children and adults.

As McKenna notes, “Its never too late to find out what makes you fantastic!