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  • ADHD Experts Online! Free Registration – Women’s Palooza

    Palooza ADHD for women

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    It's a special "Leap Year" edition of the Palooza running February 24-29, 2020

    One of the topics this Palooza will cover is a tricky path that we all have to navigate, and universally seem to struggle with. Should you tell anyone about your ADHD, and if so, who can you confide in? TotallyADD's Rick Green will be answering these questions and more in his presentation on Friday, February 28th.

    To find more about this free event and to register click here

    Get ready for the 2020 ADHD Women's Palooza!  

    More than two dozen experts will be part of this extraordinary week of insight and answers exclusively for women with ADHD. Topics include: Be Your Own ADHD Coach, Working Memory Strategies for ADHD Women,  Why Does Race Really Matter in the ADHD Women's Community?, Appreciating Your ADHD Psychic Powers, Suicide:the Sobering Facts and Helpful Strategies, and What We've Learned in 30 Years about ADHD Women's Executive Function and a new Radical Approach.

    And so much more! It's all free of charge, with free replays of all sessions! 

    Register now, so you don't have to remember to do that later, then join us February 24-29, 2020!

  • Live Chats With TotallyADD’s Rick Green

    ADHD Expert Rick Green

    Twice a month Rick chats online with the TotallyADD Patreon community. Join us for live chats! + get all kinds of perks as a patron!

    Emotions and ADHD!
    With Dr. David Teplin

    Tuesday, February 25th
    8:00 pm Eastern - 5:00 pm Pacific

    Dr David Teplin ADHD Expert

    Ever been called Too Sensitive?  Or Overreacting? Always jumping to the worst possible conclusion?

    Many folks with ADHD are accused of being... 

    Touchy    Moody    Quick tempered     Fragile

    Thin Skinned      A Drama Queen or King)

    Volatile    Easily upset    Hypersensitive   

    Rick Green will talk about over-reacting, emotional sensitivity, sudden despair, and explosive outbursts with Dr. David Teplin.

    BEYOND COPING: Getting ADHD Managed

    Tuesday, March 10th
    1:00 pm Eastern - 10:00 am Pacific

    BEYOND COPING: Getting ADHD managed so you can move from 'survival mode' to actually pursuing goals, projects, or activities that excite you. We can forget that there is a reason to overcome our symptoms, beyond simply avoiding the negatives, the costs, the frustrations. How do you keep your eye on this bigger prize? And how does that impact your treatment plan?"

    Humor & ADHD

    Monday, March 23rd
    8:00 pm Eastern - 5:00 pm Pacific

    Humor as tool, a defence mechanism, and a strength in your professional and personal life.  The suggestion that people with ADHD are naturally funny is hard to prove.  But almost every comedian I've worked seems to be on the ADHD spectrum.  How has humor helped you deal with setbacks and stigma?  And does this assertion that "People with ADHD are funny and creative," actually dis-empower many people with ADHD.  "I'm not funny... I guess I can't even do ADHD correctly." 

  • What if I had known about my ADHD earlier?: How a visit with your past self can propel you forward.

    Dr Laura MacNiven

    When you are diagnosed with ADHD for the first time in adulthood, there is a lot of history to work through. You question why some things went one way, and why others went another. And even, why some things didn't "go" at all. 

    I get it. For me, I didn't realize I had symptoms of ADHD until I was late into my twenties. 

    I didn't know why:

    I could do things that were "hard", but not things that were "easy" (or seemed easy to others). 

    I couldn't do my work until the very last minute (when I was out of time). 

    I often focused on the needs of others before my own (even if it was detrimental to me).

    I put unnecessary stress on myself and those around me when it came to deadlines. 

    By learning about ADHD and me,

    I have become a happier person. 

    I have found a more peaceful way to be. 

    I know first hand the power of understanding your unique brain style.

    In order to get there, though, I had to go backwards before I could go forwards. I had to learn more about me from a long time ago, in order to define my authentic self now.

    Do I have you interested? Take 12 minutes to yourself. Hit a coffee shop, or find a spot where you feel relaxed and able to focus. Maybe even go for a walk.  

    Grab a pen and paper or open the notes section in your phone...

    Write a letter to yourself at a pivotal point in your past.

    Perhaps you are eight years old and starting to have challenges in school or heading off to university, or beginning a new stage in your career. Speak to your past self with an awareness of what you now know, and think about what it would have meant to know this information then. Be gentle. The goal here is to find clues about your true self, outside of ADHD, that will guide you along your journey. 

    What did your past self teach you about your "now" self? 

    Perhaps you can make peace with hurts of the past, or maybe there is someone you want to talk to, in order to feel better. Do this process your way.

    If you liked this activity, it comes from: May We Have Your Attention Please? A Springboard Clinic Workbook for Living- and Thriving- with Adult ADHD

    ADHD Course

    Interested in being part of an online course for adults with ADHD? We are launching our first online course for adults rolling out January 6, 2019! (Early bird pricing in effect until December 15). 

    What's In This Course? Let Laura MacNiven tell you all about it!
  • Big December Giveaway!


    11 Winners in all!

    December Patreon Giveaway

    Winners will be selected during a live draw.

    For more information on the Springboard course visit May We Have Your Attention Please?

    For more information on the Forbrain headset visit Forbrain

  • Oct 23rd, 7:00PM Winnipeg, Manitoba


    Join TotallyADD's Rick Green live!

    Presented by The Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba with proceeds going to the United Way Winnipeg

    ADHD Winnipeg

    Tickets are limited! For ticket and event information click here

  • So You Think You’re The Only One With ADHD? Oct 19th, Toronto, Ont

    ADHD Event

    Hosted by CADDAC

    Join us for an up-beat, inspiring, humorous, yet still somewhat educational, live show for Adults, Adolescents and older children with ADHD and their families and friends!

    Rick Green of TotallyADD
    Jessica Mccabe or How to ADHD
    Big Daddy Tazz Done Did It Again. Comedian and Motivational Speaker
    Carlyn Rhamey of The ADHD Project

    $10 Children
    $15 Adolescents (over 12)
    $20 Adults
    $50 Family (Up to 2 adults and 3 children OR 2 adolescents)

    Tickets and information

  • Live Kids Show: Me & MY ADHD – Toronto, Ont Oct 19

    ADHD Event

    Hosted by CADDAC

    Me and My ADHD!

    Join us for an up-beat, inspirational, humorous, interactive and yet still

    educational, live show for Kids with ADHD, their families and friends.

    F E A T U R I N G

    The screening of 3 new animated videos to help children understand ADHD and

    live interactive experiences by:

    B I G D A D D YT A Z Z


    RICK GREEN (TotallyADD)

    Tickets and Information

  • CADDAC ADHD Conference Oct 19 & 20 – Toronto


    Dr. Kenny Handelman, Dr. Judy Wiener, Dr. Sheila Bennett

    ADHD and Executive Functioning for Adults and children
    Self-Regulation/Meltdowns - Home and Behavioural Strategies
    Evidence Based School Interventions
    ADHD/Family and Peer relationships
    ADHD and gaming and screen use
    ADHD Procrastination/Motivation
    ADHD Anxiety and depression
    ADHD in the Workplace
    ADHD and Cannabis
    Autism and ADHD

    TotallyADD's own Rick Green will appear at two live shows on Oct 19th.

    Tickets & Information

  • ADHD Parents’ Palooza – FREE Registration July 29 – Aug 3

    ADHD Event

    Ready to be inspired — and for life to get a little easier?

    The ADHD Parents’ Palooza explodes online again this year with information, education and rejuvenation — July 29 – Aug 3, 2019.

    Hosted by my friends and colleagues, Linda Roggli of and Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster of, the ADHD Parents’ Palooza will improve the way you parent kids with ADHD!

    It’s all online and FREE — so you can attend in carpool line, on a commute, or in your pj’s after dinner!

    Previous ADHD Paloozas have been just for women — smashing successes with more than 7,000 registered.

    This year, it’s back to support parents! (I'm speaking on August 2nd)

    A ground-breaking online event, July 29 – Aug 3, 2019, this summer you’ll get cutting-edge information shared by 30 leading, worldwide experts including TotallyADD's Rick Green, Dr. Ned Hallowell, Ross Greene PhD, Mona Delahooke PhD., Debbie Reber, Roberto Olivardia PhD, Peter Shankman, Dr. Mark Bertin, and many more.

    They’ll be presenting on essential topics for parents of kids with ADHD, such as:
    • Addressing Anger in Families with ADHD
    • Anxiety and ADHD
    • Parenting Twice Exceptional Children
    • Mindfulness and ADHD
    • Working Parents and ADHD Kids
    • Using Technology to Help Kids with ADHD
    • Eating Issues and ADHD
    • Developing “Future thinking”
    • ….and so much more!

    It is an extraordinary week of insight and answers exclusively for parents, with 30 legends and luminaries.

    Join this summer’s Parents Palooza! Find out how your life can improve when you understand the nuances of parenting ADHD.
    Move forward with hope, confidence and inspiration, guided by the top experts in the world.

    Register by clicking HERE.

    Rick Green

  • Succeed With ADHD Telesummit – FREE Registration July 15 – 19

    ADHD Event

    I am so excited to tell you about one of the biggest events of the summer – the 9th annual Succeed with ADHD Telesummit being held July 15-19. Here are the details: 

    When: July 15-19, 2019

    Where: From the comfort of your home, office, beach, lake house…anywhere you can get access via the phone or computer

    How: You can be part of it by signing up HERE.

    This 9th telesummit will continue providing you with benefits like:

    Amazing speakers – 25 ADHD experts from around the world will be in the “interview booth” with Laurie Dupar of Coaching for ADHD and the iACTcenter and will share their unique exciting topics on ADHD destined to change your life!

    Easy access – You sit back and get an email straight to your inbox each morning with a link to the 5 topics for that day. You listen to them free for 24 hours when another set will be sent for free.

    Incredible value…and…FREE – The Succeed with ADHD Telesummit has always been…and will always be…free to listen to each for 24 hours.

    Gifts just for joining – Yup…you get a SWAT Swag Bag when you save your spot. THIS YEAR LAURIE HAS MORE! More goodies in the SWAT (Succeed with ADHD Telesummit) Swag Bag with free stuff from VIP Telesummit Sponsor – Linda Roggli of ADHD Palooza – as well as gifts from other incredible sponsors like Shell Mendelson, Luz Jaramillo, Susan Lasky, Cathy Goett and Kelly Biltz – all delivered to your inbox just for joining in the fun!

    New faces and resources from the worldwide ADHD community – people like Luz Jaramillo, Eliza Broadbent, Kate Bee, Lynn Miner-Rosen, Dr. Michelle Frank and Shaun Roney.

    Some of your favorites – people like Alan Brown, Linda Roggli, Jeff Copper, ImpactADHD, Sharon Saline, Dr. Ari Tuckman, Shell Mendelson and so many more.

    It’s time to grab your phone or join on the weblink for the largest most informative ADHD event of the summer.

    Save your spot today and we’ll see you July 15-19!

    Rick Green

    P.S. The doors are open and you are invited to the 9th annual Succeed with ADHD Telesummit – save your spot here.