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What Does ADHD Stand For?

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADD is Attention Deficit Disorder. The only distinction being hyperactivity. Both can be referred to as ADHD or ADD.

How is adult ADHD or ADD distinct?

Adult ADHD is the same as the childhood condition in that problems of inattention are the most apparent core symptoms that are impairing. Unlike children, the symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity tend to soften, often being converted into nervous tension, anxiety or depression.  Adult ADHD often shows up as things like:

  • Multiple at fault car accidents
  • Multiple divorces
  • Bankruptcy

This is a common disorder affecting nearly 4.4% of adults. While the adult may find a niche that allows some of their symptoms to be functional, the fact is that the majority of adults with this disorder tend to be impaired in other parts of their life. Awareness of the ADHD symptoms often happen when their own children have this genetically borne disorder diagnosed.

To understand the criteria of this disorder, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, has to be used and there are a number of other rating scales that can be complementary.

Ultimately, it is a physician that has to confirm the diagnosis.

Given the nature of the disorder, it is not surprising that many people with ADHD often have other disorders like depression or substance abuse issues. Diagnosis and education (learning about you) are the corner stones of the treatment. Medication may also be a useful tool.

For an idea as to wether you may have ADHD take our short online quiz – Do I Have ADHD?

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What Is It Like To Have Adult ADHD?

The Adult ADHD Self Report Scale from the World Health Organization available by clicking on the button below. It will help you and your healthcare professional to begin the process of a diagnosis. This scale and other useful information for you and your doctor can be found in our Tools section.

Click here to download the pdf