Great tools to assist you and your doctor if you’re getting an assessment or if you’re just looking to learn more about adult ADHD before you seek help.

 ADD & Mastering It! Cheat Sheet

Struggling to stay organized?  Looking for help to keep you on track?  The ADD & Mastering It! Cheat Sheet is your companion to the video and a great way to keep the tips handy.   Post it where you’ll see it every day and use it as your reminder.  It’s a great tool to guide you toward your goals!

 DSM-5 ADHD Diagnostic Criteria

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition or DSM-V is a manual which is published by the American Psychiatric Association and used by Mental Health Professionals to categorize psychiatric diagnosis.  This is the list from the DSM-V of Diagnostic Criteria used for diagnosing Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

 ASRS Screener

The Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale-V1.1 (ASRS-V1.1) Screener is a questionnaire that’s designed to be a starting point in understanding ADHD symptoms. While this is a good place to start, it does not replace a clinical evaluation.

 ASRS Self-Report Scale

Once you are familiar with the criteria and symptoms of ADHD, the Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale (ASRS-v1.1) Symptom Checklist can be completed as a tool to help your doctor understand your symptoms. Please read the instructions carefully, this completed document will contain information that is critical in the diagnosis process.

TotallyADD Adult Symptoms Powerpoint

*Note: If you are unable to download these PDF files, you will need to install Adobe Acrobat (free download) on your computer.