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awe… i’m so happy you joined the sight lisa!

thank you for all the information and the even more wonderful things about your son and your family. it is truly helpful and a happy reminder that we all bare gifts on this site… that we need to hone in on. i believe at times it’s a little difficult to stay on track. :D

i believe both of my children are the musical learning. my son hears a beat or a song and is so quick to start stomping and rocking his head (he’s 2). he LOVES music. the usual words to come out of his mouth when mommy finally gets in the driver’s seat are “mommy, song on, peas”.

my 6 yr-old can watch a movie or listen to a song and know a good majority of it after the first try. you should see her recite movie quotes… it’s quite entertaining. and if she stumbles, she stops and thinks and then wham! she gets it verbatim.

and my girl with downs… she is a musical child as well. she dances and sings to just about every song she hears.

i find myself singing (whatever i need them to stop doing), in lieu of yelling, when the kids are getting on my nerves. which makes them laugh. and in turn lightens up the mood and makes them stop annoying mommy. daddy is a music buff, too. self taught drummer.

i will look into all this information that you’ve supplied. i started nodding in agreement as you wrote “Regarding the short-term memory deficit and communication problem, the way that it was explained to us is that J.’s brain is operating at high-performance level and by the time he is able to communicate that verbally, a small portion of it is lost in the processing; by the time it gets to his hand to write it (even keyboard), much of it is gone forever. (Imagine a Porsche stuck behind a tractor-trailer, going up the highway at 30 km/hr – with its flashers on – and there is NO way for you to get around it … you’ve got all that power available, but no appropriate outlet.)” dude, this is so me. i have all this information running in my head. things i want to blog about, thoughts i know will be useful later, but the majority of the time i can’t get to it. and when i sit there later and try to think about the great idea i had… it’s gone. *sigh*

my hubby said i should write a book, but for the most part i don’t have time to sit and write. and when i do have time… i’m usually not inspired to do so. that’s the thing about writing… you have to have the flexibility to just stop what you are doing and write or “voice notes” your thoughts. being a working mom i have no time for that.

any hoots, thanks again! all of this is really helpful and insightful. i can’t wait to hear more about your journey with J.