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Re: A Whole Lotts SHAKING goind on???

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Patte Rosebank
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You must discuss this with your doctor. It’s very serious.

What really concerns me is the issue of your not being able to sweat, despite your very physical, outdoor job. Not being able to sweat means you can’t regulate your core body temperature. On hot days, or when you’re doing strenuous work or exercise, your core temperature can quickly rise to very dangerous levels, and you wouldn’t know it until you collapsed from heat-stroke—which can be fatal.

As for chronic dry mouth, it will play havoc with your dental health. It will affect your gums and teeth, and it will affect your dental work. Those fillings and cements are designed for the moisture levels of a normal mouth. When you have a dry mouth, it renders those dental materials far more fragile, and prone to shrinkage. Result: Frequent visits to the dentist to repair chipped fillings, and re-cement crowns & bridgework.

I speak from experience on both counts, because I’m diabetic, and reduced sweating & chronic dry mouth are two of the “fun things” that go along with diabetes.