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Re: A Whole Lotts SHAKING goind on???

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You know some days, it probably feels like your docs are just chucking meds at a wall and seeing which one sticks and that is how they pick them. It is more rigorous than that but I share your frustration. We really try our best but picking meds still relies heavily on experience. This is art of psychiatry.

As I was reading your story, i thought the tremors were being caused by the Abilify often referred to as akathesia. Adderall can cause them too but not usually that severe. The other thought that I had was that your tremors might be a withdrawal effect of your Xanax which is a pretty potent benzo although they can actually make tremors better when they are working optimally.

Obviously, the best person to help make decisions with you is your doc who actually needs to do a physical exam and to figure out where the symptoms are coming from.

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