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So I was Diagnosed as ADHD when I was a child. I was taking Ritalin for a short period of time when my parent took me off of it as they said it turned me into a Zombie. They were told that I would learn to compensate on my own. You know learn coping mechanisms. Later in life I discovered Cocaine and became a full on hardcore addict. All of the things of not being able to keep a job, lack of focus, vehicle accidents and stuff have been with me all of my adult life. Even before coke. I hate it. Lately broken and almost destitute I went to my family doctor (using a book of a note as I can’t remember all that I need to say long enough to tell someone…never have) and told him my issues. I have to go back to him to talk about it more and what he is going to do is unknown at this point but I found out about your site from his waiting room wall. There was nothing on the wall where this was posted the previous time I was in there so my guess is that he looking in terms of treatment for ADHD. As my life has been so destructed I think that a visit to a psychiatrist at least is in order and I have to agree that something has to be done about my abysmal existence. I have a positive streak in me so I have never actually seriously tried suicide however you need to know that I was very reckless with cocaine and was much of that time hoping to get dead through that. I have a few fears when it comes to treatment. 1. I work in the entertainment industry and have finally gotten to where I am a known tour manager (major artists). It is a good thing the current act isn’t super busy as that is when I start making “mistakes” (oops forgot that). As you say at times I have really great ideas that are totally outside the box. I love that aspect. Will meds take that ability to think outside away? 2. As Ritalin is allegedly modeled after cocaine is that addiction (once an addict always an addict) potentially going to come back? I have been clean for 3 years now and got free by the skin of my teeth. Everyone who knows me said I turned into a monster on the stuff. It was all I wanted to do and I did it by myself as I didn’t want to share due to the price of the stuff. Please advise.