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Re: ADD and holds grudges

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Life is too short as it is……….. oh, I get angry and want to punch someone (though I never have and know I never would, but I’ve imagined it as at the time it made me feel better to “get even”.)

I’ve not gone to any of my high school reunions since, well, I think it was the 10 year. Funny – those who were so tough, and those who were voted to be most successful were very unhappy people. Divorced, jobs they didn’t like, or unemployed. Those of us who got picked on, or who they said would never amount to anything were the happy ones, having a good time. The others -leaning on the bar drinking, often alone. The rest of us, joking, eating, laughing, married, working, pretty happy over all.

So I guess I don’t have to hold a grudge or get even………..I just think back to my reunion and imagine how sad some of those bullies must be, or how terrible it must be to have to do that to find enjoyment in life.

And like Rick said – I’d rather no one else had that sort of control over me.

My anger any more lasts pretty short times. I’m even friends with a couple of folks who at least in my mind “did me wrong”. I waste enough time without wasting it that way, and stress is bad for the heart.