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The thing with forgiveness is that it is the weak that have to forgive the powerful. The abuse victim has to forgive the abusive husband. The rape victim her predator and the victimized child the parents. Another example of that is the white population insisting that the black populationn forgive them for slavery, segregation etc. That’s why the white population likes obama because he says its all in the past. Jeremiah Wright on the other hand is not beloved by the white population because he does not forgive the white population and will not until justice is done for the black population. We love Mandela because he forgave aparteid to the point that NO ONE went to jail which was a crime. That would not have been tolerated by the Jews at Nuremberg. They’re STILL chasing Nazis!!! As a Cuban I live with a population that will not forgive Fidel and has dedicated a half century plus to bringing him down and this is where I agree with Rick. It has cost Miami its greatest potential. We have lousy public transportation. Our education system is int he toilet. Our local treasury has been bled dry and we don’t tolerate any difference of opinion. Freedom of speech is dead here. We took the poison and Miami has been dying for decades. I would never ask my country men to forgive Castro but I would ask them to channel that energy to really build Miami. To make it a world class city like the NYC of the south. But no its a banana republic with facist tendencies. We could have done what west germany and south korea did. make a free land just close by a commie land and show the world the contrast between democracy and dictatorship but no we blew it. it’s also the word forgiveness it makes us feel like we’re giving something for someone. i’ve always advocated synonyms. like letting go or moving on or whatever. one lady refered to it as shitting it out and letting it go down the toilet which is cool because it empowers the victim and reduces the aggressor to excrement. very empowering.