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Re: ADD and holds grudges

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There’s a post somewhere around here entitled to err is human to dwell on it is add. it’s so true. i don’t hold grudges against people who make honest mistakes. i hold grudges against people who have hurt me without caring about it. not as much as i used to because i have learned that karma has delivered their comeuppance to them so i’ve been able to put away some of it. i do tend not to be able to forgive myself for mistakes i made and decisions made and the path not taken. or things that i did not pick up on because of my adhd that i should have. for example, some girls give me VERY subtle hints that they like me and i don’t pick up on it and dwell on if i did and all the relationships i missed out on. even if they ended badly just ask any guy we would have loved to have taken that path even if the end is bad. the opposite-and this one i’m particularly embarrassed about-some guy is hitting on me and i don’t pick up on the fact that he is gay until he gets WAY TOO friendly and I’m in a pickle. he then said something explicit that i won’t repeat here and i bolted. i keep saying to myself i can’t believe i missed that!!!!