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Ha…..thanks NJ and I agree completely. If I might add….we have a wonderful gift in the ADD brain….but with that comes some obstacles or hurdles…..life is not perfect. It seems, as you say, it is important to manage the hurdles, and, it takes practice and time to develop those skills, any skills actually. Very few folks are naturals. It seems the gifts have wings of their own and can just fly. Give that speedy brain purpose and direction and watch out!!!!!

Magical rewards……yes, for sure. Just as encouragement for you……I can hold a conversation with anybody comfortably, about damn near anything Cap’n. Public speaking to large crowds…..is fun. Taking questions off the floor is a gas……..these things are learned skills, practiced though. Hahahaha not without error I might add. One of biggest hurdles is to try…….step out and try. First you must try, it’s only fear and fear can be conquered..

Having said that……educating oneself, getting some tools in the tool box…..”how to” stuff is critical, it helps to seriously reduce the fear or anxiety. The more you know the better chances of success…and there are many ways to gather tools and confidence.

I checked, there are many sites on line that speak to these issues and give you free information. As I mentioned previously there are probably many outlets near you that have short course in speaking and negotiating……all good tools. Your Community College might be a good place to start looking.

Get out there……don’t procrastinate.