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Re: ADD and marriage. Something to think about.

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May God bless people who find themselves in marriages to people who repeatedly cheat; lie, squander money; can’t control their anger; repeatedly take unnecessary, dangerous risks; etc., etc., etc.—whatever the reason.

(It’s funny. As I write this, I just heard a piece on TV about unfaithful spouses. A psychologist who specializes in marriage said one characteristic many unfaithful spouses share is a compulsion for thrill seeking. Now isn’t that interesting.)

But I now understand this is not a forum for this kind of discussion, because we all have different notions of what ADD really means. For some it’s a “blessing.” For others it’s just a nuisance. For many it’s controllable with medications and therapy. For those people, the original post would make no sense. It would seem “completely off the reservation.”

I draw no lines. They aren’t mine to draw. I am no expert on the the great mystery of grace. Still, for those of us who have debilitating symptoms of ADD/ADHD and cannot afford or tolerate the medications, I still maintain marriage is an option that should be approached with great caution. After all, we all want to be be a blessing to those we love, not some sort of curse. And while no one can see what unanticipated perils the future may hold, I would always argue that none of us should make any promises s/he knows s/he can’t keep. If that’s an antiquated notion, so be it.