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Re: ADD and miscarriages?

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good point tiddler.

i feel pretty low functioning in many ways even with med, in part because i haven’t begun to implement even half the tools i need to yet. just the same, i got through 48 years and multiple pregnancies(though only 2 full term) without wandering out in front of a car, or otherwise killing or maiming myself or others – tg! but, yes, i understand your point…there is a lot to consider besides just the way in which a medication may or may not influence the risk of miscarriage or the development and health of the fetus.

it’s a personal decision that has to be weighed by the individual whether or not to medicate while ttc/pg, benefits vs risks and such.

personally, even with the enormous benefits of the meds i have seen, i would choose to skip the adderral if i were wanting (and able) to ttc. that’s simply my opinion, sharing my perspective.

i apologize – i should have made that more of a point when i posted above.

no judgement nor offense was intended for anyone who chooses to continue add meds while ttc(or any other meds should it be determined that benefits outweigh risks)

btw, also, i did do extensive research on any herbs/supplements as well as meds i was considering taking during pg and also breastfeeding, information largely dependent on gathering evidence of safety rather than clinical trials, so i am familiar with this concept.

perhaps dr. j has more info about the current status re evidence of safety for adderral in pg?