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Re: ADD and miscarriages?

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Please do not stop adderall during pregnancy when you miscarried after stopping it. Epecially if you have been on it for years, your brain is used to function on it and without it, it finds it hard to even sustain a pregnancy. It takes a lot of energy and proper chemical interactions from your brain to build an efficient placenta that will produce constant hormones. I stopped adderall when I found out I was pregnant, and I miscarried at 11 weeks due to failing hormones. Your baby is not affected with adderall during the first trimester anyway as he does not have any dopamine receptors yet, the only concern is how fast YOUR heartbeat gets. Don’t rely on doctors to tell you what to do. Most of them have no idea. I continued adderall for this pregnancy and everything is going awesome. I am a chemical engineer and assure you, a prescribed dose of amphetamines, taken as directed, had never never never been associated with any birth defects. Ad trust me, amphetamines abuse have been going around for way longer than since adderall came on the market. Google is full of misleading informations. Please try to find unbiased full reports on research using database aimed for chemists and doctors. Avoid any website from uk and always look for at least 3 different reviews on each unbiased research you find. Remember that the number one priority of most doctors, sadly, is to stick with conservative guidelines to avoid any lawsuits or backfires, even when they don’t know better!