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Larynxa–thanks! Yes, I might say that I had increased symptoms during and following treatment, but some of the symptoms overlap with side effects of certain medications I was on at the time, so I can’t conclusively say yes.

I am very sensitive to medication changes; I’m concerned about adding more medications since I do have very strong reactions to anything new. I’m more interested in the behavioral approaches, because they’re less likely to turn me into a drooling zombie (definitely not taking THAT medication again). My oncologist is rather dismissive, but I’m hoping to change doctors in the near future to someone with a better handle on the whole person approach to medicine, rather than just addressing the things he/she feels like dealing with.

Thank you for the book recommendations! I’m definitely adding them to my “to read” list for my winter break. I’ve already talked to my department chair and the disabled student services folks about accommodations, and having extra support for further talks would be a big help.