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I’m a scientist, so to me religion is just a way discovered thousand of years ago to control a population. Ignorance is the key with religion, keep your fidel as ignorant as possible and fill their questions with absurd answer. That’s what I think about religion of all kind. I do respect Buddhism since it’s more a philosophical approach than a blind faith.

Through my life, I always wondered how my brain was working, why so many difference, why am I thinking this way, how does it work… I’ve taken some classes at my university on cerebral imaging and cerebral signal processing and figured out things religion is not even close to be able to explain… I even got a book entirely dedicated to the brain as christmas gift, explaining the history of brain research, different case and how it’s working as we know so far. It completly demolish anykind of spiritual ghost theory, still the universe is complex and on the atomic level, you’d be suprised how it’s working.

The only thing I find religion usefull for is the introspecting effect that praying has… When you pray, you talk to noone else than yourself, it’s like a good meditation… I’ve done the same exercise but with my jiu jitsu class, we do some meditation for a few minutes before each class and damn I feel good. I was thinking about taking some tai chi class because of that.

What you call God, I call it answer to mass ignorance! Religion is less popular than it’s ever been, why? Because science is more popular than it’s ever been…

Sorry, my ADD also as a strong oppositionnal behavior ;-)