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I actually agree with you, js. I found my freedom from faith just this past year. But I’ve found in the past year, just mentioning a personal lack of beliefs, people react like you attacked them personally and are on a personal mission to destroy the USA. So I didn’t know exactly how to say “I don’t believe in Yahweh, and a belief in him and a fear of hell for the past 39 years of my life has seriously damaged me. Now that I’ve shed all what I’ve realized to be nonsense, I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in my life. My anxiety levels are down and I don’t hold myself back. Most of all, I no longer wish and hope in my head for an imaginary being to please help me–it forces me to take action. And I no longer also demean myself for thanking this imaginary being for my rare accomplishments.”

And I wasn’t struck by lightening.

But I do need structure, and I like philosophical discussions (I hate preaching), so I’m highly interested in finding a UUC if there is one nearby me–and if I can make time for it occasionally.