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If you mean what I think you mean, you have a good point, Irviniel. Being popular in modern western culture is a sure-fire way to doom something to obscurity soon afterward, as everyone tires of it. All it will take is a charismatic speaker to whip everyone back into fear about fire and hell, and science will be cast away.

But I think js was meaning science is more embraced and respected now, though. Which gives it better chances. I’m back in school getting a biology degree, and I’m encouraged by it all. But I didn’t shed faith in science class, as many will assume. I had a crisis of faith for many years which finally came to a head this summer. I did personal research, found huge pockets of great, awesome, smart people online who helped me connect some crucial common-sense dots I was not allowing myself to make previously.

It’s really ironic, since all my life I’ve been regarded as scattered brain and disorganized, but I’m actually a highly logical person on the inside. I value rational, organized thinking. I need it since I get myself into so many messes with my difficulty to organize on the outside or the difficulty in concentrating on assigned topics. So I was really hurting myself deep inside when I wasn’t allowing myself to see what I knew was there.