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Ivriniel, maybe I say this because over here in the Montreal region, we are good with high tech and am going in an engineering school, so I see what research are going on.

In the province of Quebec we had in the 1960’s a “Revolution Tranquille” traduction : “Quiet Revolution”. We were pretty much directed by the catholic at that time, and the population raised up quietly and we let the church down for good. We changed our state policy, giving us a state no longer govern by the church but by a government who included a lot of social services (health, school, route, hydro-electricity,…).

Over here science, I can assure you, is way more popular than any kind of religion, in fact, the only religious people left are the oldest one, people who live in small villages or people coming from other country. As far as my generation go, it’s rare to see people believing in god. Maybe it’s different where you live.