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i don’t know if its related to ADHD for me, but religion is one of many things that never made much logical sense, or had much appeal to me at all.

i was relatively fascinated with it in school religious studies- why people all over the world beleived whatever they did, the odd rituals they had and why they did them, who was chosen, why and what for…etc. i attended sunday school as a child as well, learned all the stories and whatnot, but none of it ever remotely stuck, and as i got older it only seemed a more and more bizarre construct -where a whole bunch of people were kept in line by another one of them who had apparently read more about whatever their invisible immortal sky-being had to say about things than the rest, and that they firmly felt that pretty much all the other groups of people were dreadfully misled by beleiving in what their invisible sky-beings opinion apparently was- and had the need to convince them otherwise (or in most cases, cut their heads off and bomb their cities down).

i mean, i have no issue with anyone beleiving whatever they want, but yeah. always seemed weird to me -just like the dodgy old bloke who was supposed to shimmy down our chimmney unaccosted mid-winter, with a bundle of toys that’d been languishing in my mothers closet for the past few months held under his arm, and put them under a tree. like she couldn’t do that herself?

… but then i’m from the UK and we don’t have a lot of god floating about compared to the USA. maybe the weather over there puts him/her off from visiting so much.