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I find comfort in religious rituals; I regard myself a “critical thinker” and will often debate and play “devils advocate” about things I don’t understand yet incongruously I also know there are things that can’t be explained; religious rituals helps me to channel my child like curriosity to seek balance within myself. to balance the “yin” and the “yang” if you will, unfortunately, all of our “inner child” have been brutalized over time.

I seek the healing of my “inner child” by allowing my intelect to be a nurturing parrent to my feelings and allow myself to look upon the world around me with awe. To me the ultimate sin is to not forgive the past and create a present that allows a future that propagates hope for a brighter future; misery is contagious but then… so is joy.

I seek to propagate hope within myself to overcome lifes obstacles; this helped me overcome homelessness, and over time helped me get back into school to pursue a worthwhile career, not to mention have lhe love of, as far as I’m concern;” the most beautiful girl in the world.” Life is gettling better and better all the time and whats more… I actually have fun living it because of its challenges.