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Examples of my poor social skills. Interrupting. A lot. Because I won’t remember what I want to say if I wait. I get loud. I don’t seem to have volume control when I get excited. Other times I don’t talk much because I am too distracted. I hate chit chat because it seems to have no purpose. Why would I want to discuss the obvious, like the weather outside?! I bump into someone at the shops, they ask me how I am, I respond, they ask me something else, I respond, we say goodbye and as I walk away I realise I didn’t ask them anything about themself. Ooops. And I don’t remember enough about a person to chat either. I hear others ask “so how’s the new job going?” (they have a new job?!! I think), or “is your son feeling better” (I didn’t even know he was sick, I think). And so it goes. I lose contact with friends easily because I forget to keep in contact.