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Re: ADD and Suicide, is there a connection?

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Hang tough Filmbuff,

Beleive it or not, I know some of your pain. All pain is relatively the same. We just experience it differently. Even compassion can be excruciating. Empathy is torturous. It’s the reward of compassion and empathy that make living IN the pain worth while.

I hope you find some people in your life that really understand how you feel. Please try to find them, and maybe you can begin to help you when you help them. Ya might as well give it a shot. All you’ve got to loose is the misery, hellish heartache, and of course the Anger we sometimes use to avoid the overwhelming grief we feel when we keep on getting kicked in the teeth by a cold blooded dog eat dog, hell called life.

Just my 7 cents worth

Love, peace and true enlightenment to you my kin dread spirited friend.

Sun 7:36 pm pst 2/19/12

Victory!!! I guessed the date this time and when I clicked the time place on my computer screen I was right!! I know what day it is!!!! Heck I’m well on my way to being sorta smart affter all. huh>

Ah crap. I know, don’t say it.





Idiot, huh?


I’m a fun idiot at least! huh?

if you forced me to answer, I’d have to guess that ADHDer’s probably think about killing ourself, try to kill ourselves with high risk extreme sports. But I seriously doubt many of us will ever be dumb enough to kill ourselves. We’ll think ourselves out of it every time. I gave up those dark thoughts a very long time ago, and I’ll never go back. I think it was about 20+ years ago. I was in so much pain that all I could think about was ending my life. I had no plan. I was too screwed up to put together any kind of plan. I had good benefits at teh time. I was a union carpenter. so I called the psychologist or someone in that office, told em how I was feeling. They asked me if I wanted an ambulance to talk me to the mental hospital. I said “Nah, I won’t do it, I just can’t stop wanting to” Drove myself there and that’s when I first started taking prozac. I went totally absolutely hypER manic in a couple weeks. They switched me to paxil and I was fairly okay for another 5 or 6 years.

then I got hit by a truck while stopped at a red light on my motorcycle. A 16 year old teen in a pickup truck blew right through me from behind. I was a ragdoll in the air for 97 feet. and now I have Chronic stinging pain that makes me wish I believe it’s possible to die. I know deep down there is something that created all this. And there is love in the world. I will not entertain the idea of killing me. that’s just too much pain to be responsible for. There are too many people I love and more I care about tons.

It’s just dumb anyway. JMHO. Being dumb is not a crime. If it was I’d be criminally insane!!!


I almost forgot, hey Filmbuff, how did you get that, oh crap I just figured out how… never mind.

Dang, I gotta quit saying I’m an idiot. it’ smaking me more idiotic.