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It sounds like you’re heading in the right direction; I hope the psychologist is able to help you get on track. Both of my boys are ADD-inattentive, so never did show the hyperactivity that is usually associated with ADD; like your mom, we don’t do the work for them, but we do try our best to encourage them and keep them on track. We are still learning how to work with the learning disability part, but I am sure this will be trial and error, at least for a while.

One good thing about the classical animation is that the process of storyboarding can help to keep your overall focus (the big picture); you get to visually map out the scenes, and even if you get stuck on one area, it may spark something for a different scene that all of a sudden “works” – AHA! I was privileged to share a lot of time in the animation studios at college, and found the environment to be wonderfully stimulating for creativity and brainstorming, and it was not uncommon to see most people with headphones on, listening to whatever kept them focused … Sometimes just knocking around ideas with another student for a few minutes is the “break” that you need and you can get back on task.

If you will be a full-time student, you may be able to check into Blue Cross or another extended health care plan, and your doctor may have some suggestions as to how you can make this work for your situation.

Best of luck this semester – and keep us posted on your progress; I’m sure you will do well, and I for one would love to see how it all comes together!